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Overalls: Romwe, order your regular size or just one size up. Straps are adjustable and fit is loose ($21)| Sweater: cashmere from a few years back, similar from Saks off 5th here! | Shoes: similar from INC here | Bag: older from TJ Maxx, similar inexpensive bag here, a midline price bag by Rebecca Minkoff here, and a similar bag that I would buy if I had the money is here 🙂 | Belt: this came with my wedding dress, but this is another white belt that I may currently be obsessed with, and another that’s less expensive, but still packs a style punch! | Earrings: Ann Taylor (similar from F21) but when I searched for similar earrings I found these monogram earrings that I adore!

As you can see I went a little 1980’s crazy today and updated the look with studded details on the jacket and shoes, hence the title.

I wore this out with my husband and son last week and it got a lot of compliments. I just felt like dressing a little spunky that day.

Life update:

On a side note, I am so sad that I haven’t posted lately! I have pictures ready to go, but have been so crazy busy and stressed that I haven’t been able to do the write-ups and edit the posts.

Part of why I’m busy is because of my new job designing kitchens, but another part of it has to do with being stressed over being an adult and a mom. As my husband likes to jokingly whine, “Life is hard!” Funny, but true sometimes.

I don’t want to share a lot about this next thing because of 1) privacy reasons and 2) we don’t know if it’s even a real concern, but we went into the Dr. for Wolfie’s 1 year checkup and shots and the Dr. noticed a few things about our son and wanted to check his blood work and abdomen to make sure he’s ok. So they checked and he seems fine for now, but the doctors want to check him every 6 weeks now until we can find out more and see the specialist. Our appointment with the specialist is not until November though so we are trying to get in to see her sooner. We’ve been really worried and praying like crazy over our sweet little boy.

If you’re a pray-er we would love for you to send one up for him tonight. That would mean a lot to us because we know God is our good Father and He cares about our little boy even more than we do.

On a happier note, we had many family functions in the past two weeks! My little brother and sis-in-law just graduated (one from high school and the other college) and it was so exciting to live through that with them! See pics below.

Congratulations you two!


Peyton, Wolfie, and Beckett






How to wear a crop top the classy way

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crop top sweater: Romwe | bag: vintage, similar look under $50 | button down: older, similar here that’s under $10 and comes in blush!| pants: H&M find from Sweden, almost EXACT version here for under $50!!!!! | Shoes: Valentino dupes from Zulily!

Hello my lovely friends!

For all you Midwestern girls out there you know it can be 80 degrees one day and 40 the next so you need to mix your warm and cold weather clothes! So today I thought I would share one way to warm/class up a crop top!

Let’s be honest… it’s almost never appropriate to wear a midriff-bearing shirt. To clarify, I’m not saying it’s bad to show a sliver of belly while wearing a crop top and high waisted jeans/shorts or while wearing overalls. In fact, I personally think showing a sliver of abs can look cute without being overly sexual… as long as every other *cough* reproductive region of your body is FULLY covered. Does that make sense at all?

I probably didn’t word it right, but I think you get the picture.

Most well-dressed fashionistas have the rule: highlight only one asset at a time.

And they follow this even if they don’t realize it.

To prove my point I’ll make a list of places it’s appropriate to wear a crop top that shows a bunch of midriff:

1. the lake

2. the ocean

3. at a cheer squad carwash (lol i’m kidding)

Do you agree? Would you bare your midriff? Join the crop top convo below!



shortalls and gingham

black overalls new 1black overalls new 5black overalls new 10black overalls new 13

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Top: Ralph Lauren, similar style under $20 & another colorful option from J. Crew factory ($32) | Overalls: Old Navy, similar found now at PacSun— good fit! | Bag: LV, similar that I would buy now if I were in the market for another LV bag | shoes: justfab, similar from Office, and another option with less of a heel. 

Why I chose this outfit:

Gingham will always be a popular print in the summertime so you won’t go wrong getting a shirt in this fun picnic-y/preppy print. 

The overalls add a playful element to an otherwise dressy #ootd. It’s always good to mix things up a bit when you can. 

My mom and I bought this shirt for my high school graduation party and every time I wear it I remember how we got it because it was quite the ordeal.

It was one of THOSE shopping trips. You know, the kind where you can’t find anything near what you’re looking for. We had already been at one mall and were running out of options and time. 

My high school graduation party was about a week away and I had nothing to wear. So after scouring  one mall, we headed to the infinitely huge Mall of America. A place my mom loathes because she hates to shop. 

So we entered at Macy’s where I noticed an adorable Ralph Lauren gingham shirt, but there was no time to linger because we needed to find that cute summery dress of my dreams– STAT! 

But I tell you… somehow… on that day in 2008 the MOA had 0 dresses. Zero I tell you! Ok, well it had a few, but we went all over that mall and couldn’t find anything other than bodycon dresses that were short with low necklines and made me look like a two dollar you-know-what. 

Not a good look on anyone, but especially not for a high school graduate! Nothing says “bright future” better than looking like a hooker (or at the very best a party girl) on graduation day. 


So at the end of the day as we walked back empty handed through Nordstrom toward our car I glanced over and the gingham Ralph Lauren shirt was glowing. Well not really. But for real, I had a moment and realized it wasn’t the end of my life if I didn’t wear the world’s cutest dress (that I had designed in my head before shopping) to my grad party. 

And I also thanked my mom for being so patient even though she HATES shopping.

Have I mentioned she hates it? Lol 😉

By the way, don’t picture an imaginary dress in your head before shopping. You will never find what you’re looking for. Disappointing. 

Also, don’t be a dreamer who thinks too much about clothes. 

The end. 



pineapple love

pineapple pillow 5pineapple pillow 2pineapple pillow 6pineapple pillow 4pineapple pillow regan's brain

We were at an art fair when we walked past one of the cutest booths in the whole building. It was called Regan’s Brain and was full of gorgeous throw pillows that were colorful, well made, and stunning. We kept walking at first because we like to survey the potential finds and then circle back when at art fairs like that. But as we walked I couldn’t get this pineapple pillow out of my head!

Beckett sweetly went back for it while I stopped to rest/feed Wolfgang. Melts my heart when he is so thoughtful like that.

But how cute is this pillow?! Seriously!

Regan’s Brain is  a local (MN) brand and I love her website. I can’t believe how talented she is! She’s also on Etsy, here.

On another note The painting (pictured above) was that Family Painting I talked about on Instagram the other week. I highly recommend doing this with your kid(s), no matter what their age(s)!

How to make a Family Painting:

Materials needed:

Start with a blank canvas, non-toxic paint (for the littles), brushes, rollers, or other fun things that could be used to paint with.


1) If possible, take this project outside and put cardboard or plastic down on the ground to keep from making a mess in the yard.

2) If you plan to let the kids walk on the canvas, support the back of it by placing something solid behind it (if it’s the traditional fabric type). It may be good to use one of the harder painting surfaces you can get in a craft store, like the gesso boards.

How to paint it:

  1. let each child use one or more colors to make different marks. We let Wolfie finger paint, paint with a paintbrush, and we even dipped his little feet in paint to let him make footprints on the canvas. Just be sure to rinse the brushes/hands/feet between colors.
  2. drip paint on the canvas, smear it, create different prints. We used a lot of shapes and polka dots.
  3. Stand back and check the composition and if it’s not “visually balanced” direct the kids to fill in areas with certain colors.
  4. Have the kids write or stencil in their names in their own color. Do the same for you and the hubby.
  5. Clean out brushes & put away the paint.
  6. let the painting dry
  7. hang the masterpiece in your family room or living space!

Other tips/ideas:

Consider finding a framed print (without glass) in a thrift/antique store that you can paint over to make it a clean slate. Then let your family paint over that. It saves time and money if you want it framed in the end.

Alright, that’s all I have for you today!




kittsona9kittsona3kittsona1kittsona13kittsona16kittsona17Hi folks, if you follow along with me on my Instagram stories (@the_classy_artist) you know that I was at an adorable little shop called Kittsona this past weekend and today I get to share a discount code with you and pictures of what I got while there! I don’t see my exact purchase online, but they have tons of options in the shop!

On Saturday I went out to brunch at the Urban Eatery with a group of my Style Collective sisters from the Midwest (ND, MN, and WI) and it was so fun! I love doing meetups with those girls because 1) they’re fun and 2) they’re a wealth of knowledge about blogging! We shared a few stories and tips as we talked about fashion, life, and food! If you’re a blogger or thinking of getting into blogging, message me and let me know and I can recommend some great resources to you!

The discount code is STYLECOLLECTIVE15 and can be used while shopping the online Kittsona shop today through Sunday, May 21st!!! But since that only works online, if you go into one of their actual stores (found in Saint Louis Park MN, Bismarck ND, Fargo ND, Grand Forks ND, and Austin TX) you can just show them my Instagram or blog post about them and they’ll still honor the 15% discount though May 21st. YAY!

Here is a photo of the group! I’ll post it on Instagram with their tags too if you want to follow some of them too!

While I was there I met a really sweet girl working there who shares the same name as one of my sisters! Oh, and speaking of sisters! My little sister, Katie used to shop at “a cute little boutique” up in North Dakota while in school up there and it was called Kittson (now called Kittsona). She would always come home wearing super chic sweaters and boots and I always got the same response when I asked, “so… where’d you get that?!” And it was always Kittson.

So it was really cool for me to go into this adorable shop and realize why Katie loves it so much!

What’s your favorite item on their website? Also, if you’re in Minnesota, you MUST go into the store! It is adorable and I like that it has a little bit of something for literally everyone no matter their style! They even have some home decor items! I died over an elephant book end, but left without it (crying). 😉

Before I go I have to share the following photos from our Mother’s Day picnic with you too because I literally can’t even….



4 ways to wear this $15 shirt


Happy Mother’s Day! Today’s post isn’t really focused on you mamas out there, but I still know you’re important. I especially want to thank my mother, mother-in-law, and grandmothers for all of their support, teaching, and kindness. You women mean everything to me.n5cut out shouldern6cut out shouldern7cut out shouldern9cut out shouldern10n13cut out shoulder

n17cut out shoulder
Of course someone had to get in on the action too 😛
n18cut out shoulder
my superhero.

n15cut out shoulder


Shirt: Shein | Jeans: AEO (technically jeggings)| Flats: Old Navy, older, similar from River Island and another from DSW, both under $40 and unique| Earrings: BaubleBar x Target, at this time I cannot find the exact pair, but these are the same color. | Bag: Louis Vuitton, similar here.

Beckett’s shirt: Target, similar | Jeans: Joe’s Jeans

This top is so great because it’s inexpensive, looks sophisticated, and can be dressed up or down, business or casual. In this case, it all boils down to the fabric because it has a silky look and holds the structure nicely.

4 money conscious ways to wear this cold shoulder shirt:

ways to wear the open shoulder shirt 1

Dressed up– Wear it with 1) an A-line skirt, 2) heels, and a 3) clutch to match the shoes.

dressed down

Dressed down– pair it with 1) skinny jeans, 2) flats or 3) sneakers, and 4) simple accessories… similar to my look here!

business casual

Business casual– Wear it with 1) black skinny jeans, 2) a block heel in a sophisticated texture, and 3) a simple, but elevated accessory.

business professional

Business professional- wear with 1) a pencil skirt in a blush or 2) beige with embellishments, pair with nude pumps (3) save vs 4) splurge, depends on your budget, needs and job!), 5) pearl earrings, and 6) leopard or 7) gold belt.

Alright, I hope you enjoyed this post! And happy Sunday even if you’re not a mama!