I had to share these last two photos of wolfie and me because he is so sweet!


top: shein (literally $14) | jacquard shorts: old from Sweden, similar here for under $40 | shoes: similar by NY & Co | choker: older from nordstrom, but similar here for $12 | tote: similar by cathy’s concepts from Nordstrom | hat: shoptiques for literally $7 (gasp!)

hello beauties! are any of you going on weekend little this summer? we just spent a week at a cabin and it was lovely, but I always have a difficult time packing. so I thought i’d put together an inexpensive #ootd for a summer-y adventure! all of these pieces are more than a month old, but if i can’t find the exact item, I’ll link something similar!

How does this blog work?

I get questions randomly about sponsored posts and why I link things how I do and I never really realized that not everyone is familiar with how blogs like mine work!

My main goal is to connect with you readers and share fun outfits and projects with you. After that goal there are a few secondary things happening behind the scenes. First, I sometimes do product reviews of items that have been gifted to me or that I’ve been paid to showcase and photograph. It’s kind of like a magazine, but on a much much smaller level. When I do those posts that are “sponsored” that just means I have agreed to work with the company and have selected a product of theirs to review. It doesn’t mean that I am being paid to say I love something.

When I don’t like what the company offers I usually politely decline, but sometimes I just don’t answer. I get about 20 emails per day of companies asking to work with me and (especially lately) I’ve turned many down because the clothes seem too cheap, too revealing, or the company just doesn’t match my personal style.

Many of the links in these posts are personalized to me, meaning that I get paid small amounts from your clicks and buys through those links. The more you click on them and shop through them, the more I make, but again, it’s a small amount that i’m paid per click.

Why do I do all this work? That’s really what it is. work. It takes so much old fashioned work to create just one post. I do it because I really love it!!!! Creating outfits and taking pictures is so fun for me and it ends up getting Beckett and me off the couch for an adventure every once and awhile!

Some old friends of mine have mentioned that they feel weird creeping on me on social media, but I’m here to tell you it’s not creepy to follow along or else i wouldn’t be sharing these things on such a public platform. And let’s be honest, I “creep” right back! I’m constantly following girls who followed me and keeping up with their lives too! I love knowing who you all are and feeling connected to you in a weird way!

Anyway, all that to say: let’s be friends and have fun with this together! That’s what it’s here for! and don’t be afraid to reach out and comment on here or on Instagram if you’re enjoying reading!



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