hat: vintage, similar with a Chanel-inspired chain band, so cute!!! | sweater: older, similar cut and style here by Mango (always a good brand and this looks so cozy!!!!) | shorts: American Eagle, similar for half the priceĀ here | sandals: Valentino dupes by Rebecca Minkoff, similar from Target (for $30) here!! Oh, also Target also has a pair with a block heel that are on my list of must-haves! They are from the Betsy Johnson line and they are so so so perfect for spring and summer!

Lately we’ve been so busy that i’ve only been able to post every week if i’m lucky. This week i think i only had time to do one other post (besides this) and i feel so accomplished!


1. I just took a job as a kitchen designer so if you’re in the TC area and need a new kitchen, message me! šŸ˜›

2. We moved into our new home on April 27th and unpacked like crazy to be ready(ish) for Wolfie’s b-day party about 10 days later.

3. We hosted Wolfie’s 1st birthday party and spent the day with 20+ of our close relatives. It ended up being a wonderful, fun, happy time. I was so tired after though. I worked the next day and nearly nodded off half the time.

3. I agreed to build my husband new built-in bookshelves forĀ all of his books. More on that later, but for now I’ll tell you the color scheme is gold, gray, and brown. Stay tuned on my Insta Story for updates.

4. Wolfie’s closet had just a few of those stupid wire shelves and needed more storageĀ now on my to-do list is to add more storage to his closet.

5. The flooring in our laundry room is damaged. We knew that when we bought the house. Water could easily get down to the subfloor if something were to leak, but we figured we’d leave it and pray our washer lasts. So we were going to live with it and I promised myself I’d stop thinking about redoing it, but when we went to the store to get the lumber and paint for Beckett’s bookshelves we browsed the tile and found some SUPER cheap & pretty tiles we just went with it.

6. everyone and their mother is graduating this year. i’m kidding of course, and i’m very happy to come to your graduation if you’re graduating, but I can’t believe how busy these next few weeks will be!

So if you don’t hear from me for another week…. those are the 6 reasons why šŸ™‚

But actually, I have to post some things soon because of contractual obligations. So don’t worry. lol because I know you’re DYING to read these posts (jk).

that’s all for now, folks!



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