kittsona9kittsona3kittsona1kittsona13kittsona16kittsona17Hi folks, if you follow along with me on my Instagram stories (@the_classy_artist) you know that I was at an adorable little shop called Kittsona this past weekend and today I get to share a discount code with you and pictures of what I got while there! I don’t see my exact purchase online, but they have tons of options in the shop!

On Saturday I went out to brunch at the Urban Eatery with a group of my Style Collective sisters from the Midwest (ND, MN, and WI) and it was so fun! I love doing meetups with those girls because 1) they’re fun and 2) they’re a wealth of knowledge about blogging! We shared a few stories and tips as we talked about fashion, life, and food! If you’re a blogger or thinking of getting into blogging, message me and let me know and I can recommend some great resources to you!

The discount code is STYLECOLLECTIVE15 and can be used while shopping the online Kittsona shop today through Sunday, May 21st!!! But since that only works online, if you go into one of their actual stores (found in Saint Louis Park MN, Bismarck ND, Fargo ND, Grand Forks ND, and Austin TX) you can just show them my Instagram or blog post about them and they’ll still honor the 15% discount though May 21st. YAY!

Here is a photo of the group! I’ll post it on Instagram with their tags too if you want to follow some of them too!

While I was there I met a really sweet girl working there who shares the same name as one of my sisters! Oh, and speaking of sisters! My little sister, Katie used to shop at “a cute little boutique” up in North Dakota while in school up there and it was called Kittson (now called Kittsona). She would always come home wearing super chic sweaters and boots and I always got the same response when I asked, “so… where’d you get that?!” And it was always Kittson.

So it was really cool for me to go into this adorable shop and realize why Katie loves it so much!

What’s your favorite item on their website? Also, if you’re in Minnesota, you MUST go into the store! It is adorable and I like that it has a little bit of something for literally everyone no matter their style! They even have some home decor items! I died over an elephant book end, but left without it (crying). 😉

Before I go I have to share the following photos from our Mother’s Day picnic with you too because I literally can’t even….



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