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We were at an art fair when we walked past one of the cutest booths in the whole building. It was called Regan’s Brain and was full of gorgeous throw pillows that were colorful, well made, and stunning. We kept walking at first because we like to survey the potential finds and then circle back when at art fairs like that. But as we walked I couldn’t get this pineapple pillow out of my head!
Beckett sweetly went back for it while I stopped to rest/feed Wolfgang. Melts my heart when he is so thoughtful like that.
But how cute is this pillow?! Seriously!
Regan’s Brain is  a local (MN) brand and I love her website. I can’t believe how talented she is! She’s also on Etsy, here.
On another note The painting (pictured above) was that Family Painting I talked about on Instagram the other week. I highly recommend doing this with your kid(s), no matter what their age(s)!

How to make a Family Painting:

Materials needed:

Start with a blank canvas, non-toxic paint (for the littles), brushes, rollers, or other fun things that could be used to paint with.
1) If possible, take this project outside and put cardboard or plastic down on the ground to keep from making a mess in the yard.
2) If you plan to let the kids walk on the canvas, support the back of it by placing something solid behind it (if it’s the traditional fabric type). It may be good to use one of the harder painting surfaces you can get in a craft store, like the gesso boards.

How to paint it:

  1. let each child use one or more colors to make different marks. We let Wolfie finger paint, paint with a paintbrush, and we even dipped his little feet in paint to let him make footprints on the canvas. Just be sure to rinse the brushes/hands/feet between colors.
  2. drip paint on the canvas, smear it, create different prints. We used a lot of shapes and polka dots.
  3. Stand back and check the composition and if it’s not “visually balanced” direct the kids to fill in areas with certain colors.
  4. Have the kids write or stencil in their names in their own color. Do the same for you and the hubby.
  5. Clean out brushes & put away the paint.
  6. let the painting dry
  7. hang the masterpiece in your family room or living space!

Other tips/ideas:

Consider finding a framed print (without glass) in a thrift/antique store that you can paint over to make it a clean slate. Then let your family paint over that. It saves time and money if you want it framed in the end.
Alright, that’s all I have for you today!


  1. May 18, 2017 / 5:55 am

    Wolfgang is such a cutie! I love the pillow. I’m going to go check out her website right now! Thanks, Kellie! 🙂

    • May 18, 2017 / 12:50 pm

      Thanks, Terri! I think her stuff is so cute and minnesota-y!

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