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Top: Ralph Lauren, similar style under $20 & another colorful option from J. Crew factory ($32) | Overalls: Old Navy, similar found now at PacSun— good fit! | Bag: LV, similar that I would buy now if I were in the market for another LV bag | shoes: justfab, similar from Office, and another option with less of a heel. 

Why I chose this outfit:

Gingham will always be a popular print in the summertime so you won’t go wrong getting a shirt in this fun picnic-y/preppy print. 
The overalls add a playful element to an otherwise dressy #ootd. It’s always good to mix things up a bit when you can. 
My mom and I bought this shirt for my high school graduation party and every time I wear it I remember how we got it because it was quite the ordeal.
It was one of THOSE shopping trips. You know, the kind where you can’t find anything near what you’re looking for. We had already been at one mall and were running out of options and time. 
My high school graduation party was about a week away and I had nothing to wear. So after scouring  one mall, we headed to the infinitely huge Mall of America. A place my mom loathes because she hates to shop. 
So we entered at Macy’s where I noticed an adorable Ralph Lauren gingham shirt, but there was no time to linger because we needed to find that cute summery dress of my dreams– STAT! 
But I tell you… somehow… on that day in 2008 the MOA had 0 dresses. Zero I tell you! Ok, well it had a few, but we went all over that mall and couldn’t find anything other than bodycon dresses that were short with low necklines and made me look like a two dollar you-know-what. 
Not a good look on anyone, but especially not for a high school graduate! Nothing says “bright future” better than looking like a hooker (or at the very best a party girl) on graduation day. 
So at the end of the day as we walked back empty handed through Nordstrom toward our car I glanced over and the gingham Ralph Lauren shirt was glowing. Well not really. But for real, I had a moment and realized it wasn’t the end of my life if I didn’t wear the world’s cutest dress (that I had designed in my head before shopping) to my grad party. 
And I also thanked my mom for being so patient even though she HATES shopping.
Have I mentioned she hates it? Lol 😉
By the way, don’t picture an imaginary dress in your head before shopping. You will never find what you’re looking for. Disappointing. 
Also, don’t be a dreamer who thinks too much about clothes. 
The end. 

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