Hi folks! I teamed up with Bootay Bag again this month to remind you of something you can always use more of! Undies!


It’s true though, right?

get bootay bag 3

With the season of too short of shorts, late night swims, and crazy adventures you never know when your undergarments may accidentally make an appearance so definitely sign up for this! :0 I’m kidding, of course, but cute underwear never hurt anyone 😉

get bootay bag 6

I’ve been wearing the previous pairs for a few months now and I love how they fit and the quality is really good too. I usually get my undergarments from VS and I think the quality between the two brands is the same.

When ordering your own “Bootay Bag,” you get to set your preferences and pick the size and style of underwear you like, but part of the fun of it is not knowing what you’ll get! Last time I got one of these I was sent a style I wouldn’t have picked up off the rack in a store (one pair had 3 side bands instead of 1), but I really like their unique flair.

When you think you have enough underwear *for now* you can just put the subscription on hold!

If you or your significant other (or friend or whoever) needs to get rid of their gross panties, sign up now through this link! 😉



This post was brought to you by Bootay Bag. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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