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Shirt: Nordstrom Rack | Pants: TJ Maxx, older, similar here from Nordstrom Rack for just $30! | Shoes: similar (under $30) from Macy’s | Bag: Michael Kors (exact), but I have to include this one too because I love the shape and the stud details | Earrings: similar southwestern style

About This Look:

This is a 4th of July outfit to help inspire your clothes choices leading up until Independence Day! 🙂 My lipstick was red, but it kinda started coming off so it doesn’t give the whole patriotic vibe I was looking for, but you get the picture!

Today Wolfie and I made a trip to the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market with Terri Yang, who blogs at Cupcake and Coffee Break, and one of her cute sons. We took the opportunity to take each other’s pictures, get some gorgeous flowers, and have a quick chat. It was rainy and a little chilly, but it made it easier to take pictures, that’s for sure!

We planned to go to Spyhouse coffee after, but the babies were too tired and hungry for us to sit for coffee so we took a rain check on that.

As soon as Wolfie and I made it home he went to sleep so Beckett and I also took a nap and it was soooo good! If I wasn’t worried about Wolfie being awake all night I think I would still be sleeping.

Something Else to Know:

In other news, there’s a giveaway on my Instagram page right now. It’s for a new iPad, a cute little instant camera, a Kate Spade bag, and a Kylie eyeshadow palette. I’m really excited about this giveaway, not just because it includes sweet prizes, but because the other women who are doing it with me seem really great. I don’t always follow other people who I do giveaways with, but I followed a bunch from this group. They’re that cool! 😀

Anyone is free to enter the giveaway, but if you’re not 18 yet, you’ll need to check with your parents and have them confirm if you win.

Final Random Thoughts & WIDN:

Now Beckett’s putting Wolfie to bed while I’m writing this. Next up on our agenda: The Bachelorette!

Do you watch? If so, who are your favorites?

We like Peter and Dean. We also liked Diggy a little too, but she sent him home so…. you know, bye! I think she’s making a huge mistake with Bryan. He seems like he’s just telling her what she wants to hear.



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