my 3 tips for budget shopping online

Hey y'all! Last night's post was a bit long so I wanted to keep tonight's post short, sweet, and on a light topic!
Top: another of my amazing Shein finds and I love that the shirt is just $14!! | Shoes: espadrilles from Shein (couldn't find them today tho…), Similar from Asos | shorts: American Eagle, similar for just $14.50 | Bag: vintage Coach, similar | Earrings: old from Dress Barn, similar from target with tassels & a great shape!

The top was gifted to me because of my partnership with the company, but the espadrilles are something I saw on their site and bought on my own.

But the thing about Shein is that the sizing can be hard to figure out. For example, I bought the espadrilles and a pair of gorgeous green flats at the same time and ordered the same size based on my shoe size (size 9.5), but the green flats were the equivalent of a size 8.

Tip 1: Look at the size guide and then consider sizing up …once or twice.

I am wearing a size medium shirt here. I think it fits well in the shoulders and length. US brands typically call this size a small.

When I've bought pants (and shoes) from Shein in the past I've had to return them or give them away if I get my usual size (even according to the size guide). So for pants or shoes make sure to size up at least one size, maybe two. That doesn't apply to dressed though, those are usually sized like shirts and you'll just want to go up one size.

Tip 2: Read reviews and weigh their advice.

Are you the type of person who always reads reviews? Good job if you are because you'll want to read them! I know this sounds bad, but if you see a lot of cute little Asian girls giving something a good review and saying it's true to size, that probably means you will want to size up at least once!

If you see a review from someone with a similar body type to yours who got your same size and it didn't fit, size up or look for something else.

At the same time, Shein's prices are so good that sometimes it's worth trying something new, even if it doesn't work for you in the end. You can always return or exchange things anyway!

Tip 3: When checking out select the option to do a free return.

It's just a few bucks more, but it could be worth it. You're getting a cool piece of clothing for a lot less than most US stores. Plus, it's not something everyone else and their mother will be wearing.
Uniqueness always wins points in my book!

One thing that amazed me about this shirt was the beauty of the embroidery and the tasteful, feminine design. You can see the embroidery better here. โค

And I can't forget to show you the bow on the back of the collar!!!! So cute!!!!

Message me, email me, or DM me on Instagram if you have any ordering questions or questions about anything else!



5 reasons why I’m an annoying millennial and ok with it

Hat: Urban Outfitters |Tee: Hanes (literally my hubby’s) | Pants: hand me ups from my sis-in-law, similar here by Paige (always a good brand) | Bag: Chanel | Sandals: Rebecca Minkoff (now only $39!!!!)

Before I explain why I’ve been pondering the meaning of my existence as a part of the current generation, I want to show you this perfect state fair outfit. That makes sense, right? lol

Anyway……. the outfit is classic American style with the distressed blue jeans, baseball hat, and white tee. What makes it “now” is the glossy finish on the hat, twisting the bottom of the shirt, a sick handbag, and studded sandals. This outfit makes me feel like a total Millennial, but I’m coming to terms with the fact that it’s ok to be in this generation.

That sounds weird so let me explain.

Ever since I can remember I’ve listened to people complain about the “kids these days.” The points were always the same: 1) life was back in their day and 2) almost all kids (except their own) are brats.

Sometimes the older person would preface that statement with something like, “I’m surprised by how hardworking you are. Usually kids these days….” Those comments always made me feel good, like I was a cut above my generation. Better.

Going into my freshman year of college I heard that most college students change their major [like] eightย times and take five years to graduate. Then those students move home and get a job at a grocery store. I wanted to be different, more “evolved” than the rest of my peers.

As a reaction to the statistics I declared myself an art major and refused to switch it (even when I realized I wouldn’t be able to make a living as an artist). Then I graduated in three years.

That sounds pretty good in writing, but the reality was that my “college experience” didn’t prepare me for the real world at all. My gen Xer and Boomer professors and other university staff pushed us to find a major we loved, to follow our hearts, to not consider money as a determining factor in our career path.

Top 5 reasons I know I’m a Millennial:


1. I majored in something I love, but that won’t make money.

I’m not sure if the universities encourage that type of major hopping and anti-capitalistic job selection as job security or if it’s just more rhetoric they push because they blindly believe it, but either way I kinda sorta bought into it.. at least in a way. I thought that it would be better to find happiness doing what I love (making art) than to make a ton of money doing something just because it makes money.

Then I basically had a panic attack (not really, but kinda) when I realized I had bought into the lie that my university sold me (actually my dad, for about $70,000). I followed my heart and it led me to either more school to become an art teacher or to a retail job working so many hours a week that I didn’t have time to make art if I wanted to pay my bills.

I’m not saying money should be anyone’s ultimate goal, but it sure as heck doesn’t hurt to pick a career path based at least partially on income. It’s true that money doesn’t buy happiness, but neither does being broke.

2. I moved home

So I became a statistic, moved home, enrolled in more school (grad school) to become an art teacher, and worked my butt off at two jobs. It was a humbling experience to realize that I was just as confused and let down by our school systems as most other kids in this generation.

3. I still don’t have a real career

  1. Fast forward five years to now. Ive done some things in a less Millennial-y way. For example, I actually got married, taught for 3 years, had a son, and stayed home for a year (best and also hardest year of my life, BTW). But now I’m working as a kitchen designer, am overqualified for my job, have zero job security, and deal with snooty gen Xer and Boomer customers who think I’m an 18 year old with zero education and no experience.

4. One time I wrote on my hand….

Because apparently it means you’re a horrible millennial.

Just the other day at work I was called out (rudely) way for being a millennial.

In the middle of helping a customer design her kitchen island a snooty looking couple in their mid to late sixties stood over my desk huffing, tapping their toes, and coughing until I helped them. I had already politely acknowledged them and called for another employee, but they couldn’t wait. The woman I was working with nicely said I could help the couple while she chose the edge she liked.

After answering some initial questions the guy had a specific question about a washing machine motor and I admitted that I was clueless. He promptly took a chance to tell me I really didn’t know much and I wasn’t a lot of help. After that (ahem) friendly exchange he said he wanted to buy a machine and wanted me to ring it up right then and there.


A glance at the countertop lady told me I had to make the sale fast so I jotted down the washer’s model number on my hand and got to work.

The next words out of his mouth were less than encouraging, “I shouldn’t have expected you to know anything… no offense. You’re a Millennial. I saw you write the number on your hand. Why would I expect good service?”

Excuse me?

The person getting poor service at the moment was the woman who nicely let the Boomers buy their washer first. The problem wasn’t me writing on my hand. The problem was their lack of grace and kindness.

{AND for the record, I cringed when I wrote on my hand! I hate writing on my skin for lots of reasons. One of which is the fact that students who write on themselves are more likely to be engaging in self-harm so I hated it when my students wrote on themselves!}

5. I have a blog and occasionally take selfies.

When starting my blog I did it purely as a hobby because I had grown to love creating cute outfits. I realized that the market is totally over saturated, that I’ll never “make it” as a blogger, and that it’s a temporary thing… but loved telling people where I got things when they asked and loved giving people shopping advice at my retail jobs in college and grad school.

I know it’s weird, but I don’t enjoy taking selfies by myself. I love taking them with my family or friends, but not on my own. I do it sometimes, but to set the record straight, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re self-obsessed! It’s just something our generation does!

Why it’s actually ok to be a millennial

After fighting it for so long I’ve decided it isn’t all bad to like the latest apps or to be in your late twenties and still figuring out your career path. But I still feel like I have to defend myself and other girls in our generation for our selfies, bloggers, job insecurity, or lack of washing machine motor knowledge :P. I know there are some statistics about taking selfies, being on Instagram a lot, or not having job loyalty, but I think people need to walk a mile in our shoes before judging us.

Don’t you sometimes find it ironic that the same people who made fun of you for spending time on Facebook ten years ago are the same ones who spend the most time on it now? It’s only a matter of time before (more) of them start taking selfies and earning money being fashion bloggers. Oh wait, I’m pretty sure that’s already happening and I love it! ๐Ÿ™‚

Where to go from here

So you’re a millennial and you’re proud of it? Good for you! But there are things for us to work on.

We should be constantly improving and growing. Just because older generations complain about us doesn’t mean we have to change everything, but I think wise people weigh criticism to see if there is truth in it, then change accordingly.

In my opinion we have 5 main things to work on as we learn to adult:

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others on social platforms. We all know we only show the good things in life on there so don’t compare the bad events in your life with the good in other people’s lives.
  2. Put down the phone, especially around the kids!
  3. Work like you’re making good money doing your dream job, even if you aren’t. Sometimes you just need an in between job. Sometimes you just need to pay the bills. Give it your 100 anyway (then leave the stress at work and don’t take it home). For more on this point, read Colossians 3:23+24.
  4. Gender equality is a good thing, but don’t get so carried away that you loose your right to fulfill your motherly instincts.
  5. Stop reacting to your parents’ issues and start crafting your own future. Just because your dad or mom was overly stressed in his/her career doesn’t mean finding a job that makes money is intrinsically bad.

Is there anything you would add to that list?

P.S. If you’re in college now or going into college soon I’m totally jealous of you. I wish I could go back in time and be undecided longer or take a year off and live on my own to understand the value of money. At the same time, I wish I had embraced my Millennial status sooner by starting my blog when I first had the desire and switching my major eight times. haha

Know that whatever path you take you will be fine. We will all be fine as long as we can keep growing and learning to adult.




Check Please!

I shared a birthday post a few weeks ago, but wanted to share more pictures of this shirt: Romwe Gingham Shirt

The shirt is so versatile and chic, you cannot go wrong. And the price is right, coming in at just over $10!
I'm wearing a size medium and it fits perfectly. The length is amazing for wearing it untucked too, but you ovi can't see the length now.

[handsome date]

The pink skirt is about 5 years old and was $4 at JC Penny … I didn't find that good of a deal to link for you, but I did find this Misguided wrap skirt for $20! I'd be sure to have a pair of volleyball shorts for under it just in case, but it's cute!

My bag is a vintage Coach find, but I found a similar bag here. What's great about a lot of Coach bags is that they will never go out of style. The brand may have it's less popular moments, but the structure and look of the bags themselves is pretty timeless — unless you get the type of bag with the letter "C" plastered all over it….in which case… don't consider it an "investment piece" for your closet because it's not the most classic look (sorry, just being honest).

Shoes: these sandals are older, so im going to link a totally unrelated pair for under $30 that I'm obsessed with (from target nonetheless)!

Hope you enjoy!


Birthday weekend recap + 27 fun facts (but really only 11ish)

Hello favs! 

This past weekend I turned another year older and my husband and family made it a really special year in spite of my feelings toward officially being in the “late 20’s” category. 

I was thinking of adding 27 fun facts because that’s how old I turned, but I couldn’t think of that many (and it would have made this post too long) so it ended up being around 11 fun facts. 

Eyes closed because I’m too happy to care ๐Ÿ˜›

Here’s what we did:

I worked in the AM and got off in the early afternoon. It was actually great timing because it gave me enough time to decompress from work and get ready to go to Stillwater for a late afternoon/evening date with my handsome hubby.

My hubby’s fam was great and volunteered to watch Wolfie even though they were busy and had to watch him in shifts! ๐Ÿ™‚  first our brother-in-law watched him, then our sister-in-law, and the final babysitter was Beckett’s mom. 

I felt so lucky to have such great people in our life who were willing to watch Wolfie even when it wasn’t convienent for them. 


The first place we stopped when in Stillwater was Mai Little Cakes. Beckett and I both adore bubble tea so we were so excited they had it there & since it was my birthday we got cupcakes. And here’s the thing… I don’t even remotely regret eating 2 of them because that frosting was the best I’ve ever had. No kidding. Apparently it’s a special recipe. Also, the girl working there was sweet and gave us 2 free cupcakes! The first [cupcake] was free b/c it was my bday, the second because she forgot one cupcake on the order and just gave it to us later to be nice. 

Did I mention how cute their shop is too?! 

Next time you’re in Stillwater go there. You won’t be disappointed! 

By the time we had eaten our cupcakes, drank our bubble tea, and chilled it was time to head to the Lowell Inn for our 6:30 dinner reservation. The meal was a four course fondue dinner, which was delicious and a lot of fun!

The first course included soft Bavarian pretzels, rosemary bread, and grilled vegetables to dip in a complicated mix of hot cheese. The second course was a salad with some sort of a German dressing. The third course consisted of duck, beef, and shrimp that we fried ourselves in a little vat of oil. Then the fourth and final course was a Grape Devonshire that was to die for! 

It was the first time either of us had done a fondue dinner like that so it was extra fun!

Along with that meal we tasted wine. I got a flight of imported wine and Beckett got a flight of wine from CA. We both liked the imported better so we ended up sharing that. 

Above: this is the room in the Lowell where we had our wedding reception. 

We heard from the owner that the Lowell Inn used to be a hotspot for people like Duncan Heinz, Ferrah Fawcett, and other celebrities. We also learned a little about the architecture and historic additions to the large, aging, but still luxurious inn. 

After all that food we went to “walk it off” by the river. We saw some ppl grossly making out and snapping selfies of it so we poked a little fun at them by taking kissy pictures too…. and now I’m posting this pda picture. I actually usually hate PDA, but we were having a grand old silly time and didn’t care. Sorry peeps!

Here’s a pic of my bday shoes to help get the last picture out of your brain. K?

These Coach cuties are currently 50% off at Macy’s! Click here to order them. They also come in black. 

A lot of the sizes are selling out now, but it’s a really good deal for a high quality shoe if you are in the market for them. 

The interesting thing about these Coach shoes is that they are actually made by the same company that makes the ever-coveted Stuart Weitzman boots! Coach owns both companies (and they just acquired Kate Spade this spring as well) so they have their shoes made in the same place. Who would have thought?!

Final shot: bday roses from my honey. ๐Ÿ˜ All of the pretty colors make me so happy & I had to include some of the chandelier I just installed so you could see how pretty it is. I found that gorgeous crystal chandelier, marked down 75% off, and sitting in the front isle of a Lowes b/c someone had returned a special order. I didn’t know big box stores did that, but apparently they do… so now I always check the middle of isles for good deals when I go to stores like that!



5 ways to wear lemons this summer…

Hi lovely people! 

I thought I’d share a little summery outfit inspiration for you tonight so here it is:

I have always loved yellow. It’s one of my favorite colors, up there with green & pink. So when I found this lemon shirt a few years ago I knew it would be a favorite of mine. That being said, I cannot link the exact shirt, but I found some lemon shirts (and dress) in a few styles you may enjoy too!

Style 1- off the shoulder shirt with lemons 

Style 2- lemon flavored dress ๐Ÿ˜› from the brand Love & Lemons

Style 3- Lemon printed tunic for these sultry summer days 

Style 4- lemonade inspired swimsuit 

Style 5- lemon one shoulder top โค and matching dress 

Which style is your favorite?