Hello favs! 
This past weekend I turned another year older and my husband and family made it a really special year in spite of my feelings toward officially being in the “late 20’s” category. 
I was thinking of adding 27 fun facts because that’s how old I turned, but I couldn’t think of that many (and it would have made this post too long) so it ended up being around 11 fun facts. 

Eyes closed because I’m too happy to care ๐Ÿ˜›

Here’s what we did:
I worked in the AM and got off in the early afternoon. It was actually great timing because it gave me enough time to decompress from work and get ready to go to Stillwater for a late afternoon/evening date with my handsome hubby.
My hubby’s fam was great and volunteered to watch Wolfie even though they were busy and had to watch him in shifts! ๐Ÿ™‚  first our brother-in-law watched him, then our sister-in-law, and the final babysitter was Beckett’s mom. 
I felt so lucky to have such great people in our life who were willing to watch Wolfie even when it wasn’t convienent for them. 

The first place we stopped when in Stillwater was Mai Little Cakes. Beckett and I both adore bubble tea so we were so excited they had it there & since it was my birthday we got cupcakes. And here’s the thing… I don’t even remotely regret eating 2 of them because that frosting was the best I’ve ever had. No kidding. Apparently it’s a special recipe. Also, the girl working there was sweet and gave us 2 free cupcakes! The first [cupcake] was free b/c it was my bday, the second because she forgot one cupcake on the order and just gave it to us later to be nice. 
Did I mention how cute their shop is too?! 
Next time you’re in Stillwater go there. You won’t be disappointed! 

By the time we had eaten our cupcakes, drank our bubble tea, and chilled it was time to head to the Lowell Inn for our 6:30 dinner reservation. The meal was a four course fondue dinner, which was delicious and a lot of fun!
The first course included soft Bavarian pretzels, rosemary bread, and grilled vegetables to dip in a complicated mix of hot cheese. The second course was a salad with some sort of a German dressing. The third course consisted of duck, beef, and shrimp that we fried ourselves in a little vat of oil. Then the fourth and final course was a Grape Devonshire that was to die for! 
It was the first time either of us had done a fondue dinner like that so it was extra fun!
Along with that meal we tasted wine. I got a flight of imported wine and Beckett got a flight of wine from CA. We both liked the imported better so we ended up sharing that. 
Above: this is the room in the Lowell where we had our wedding reception. 
We heard from the owner that the Lowell Inn used to be a hotspot for people like Duncan Heinz, Ferrah Fawcett, and other celebrities. We also learned a little about the architecture and historic additions to the large, aging, but still luxurious inn. 

After all that food we went to “walk it off” by the river. We saw some ppl grossly making out and snapping selfies of it so we poked a little fun at them by taking kissy pictures too…. and now I’m posting this pda picture. I actually usually hate PDA, but we were having a grand old silly time and didn’t care. Sorry peeps!
Here’s a pic of my bday shoes to help get the last picture out of your brain. K?

These Coach cuties are currently 50% off at Macy’s! Click here to order them. They also come in black. 
A lot of the sizes are selling out now, but it’s a really good deal for a high quality shoe if you are in the market for them. 
The interesting thing about these Coach shoes is that they are actually made by the same company that makes the ever-coveted Stuart Weitzman boots! Coach owns both companies (and they just acquired Kate Spade this spring as well) so they have their shoes made in the same place. Who would have thought?!

Final shot: bday roses from my honey. ๐Ÿ˜ All of the pretty colors make me so happy & I had to include some of the chandelier I just installed so you could see how pretty it is. I found that gorgeous crystal chandelier, marked down 75% off, and sitting in the front isle of a Lowes b/c someone had returned a special order. I didn’t know big box stores did that, but apparently they do… so now I always check the middle of isles for good deals when I go to stores like that!

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