before and after: an art studio/home office makeover

blogger art room blush pink walls grown up

There's nothing I love more than a good before and after picture so here it is…

Blogger's diy art studio makeover with blush pink walls

Those dark purple and white walls were doing nothing for me so I used some old paint that we hadn't used at our old house in my art studio! I originally planned to use this blush pink in our old bathroom, but when Beckett and I remodeled it we weren't feeling like pink would be a good color for our master bath.

blush pink walls printmaker's cabinet for brushes and craft supply storage

It works wonderfully in my own little oasis though!

desk area in blush pink blogger room art studio

The color scheme is blush, teal, gold, brown, and a few pops of black to anchor the space.side table with custom art painting of blogger's wedding dress

Would you believe me if I said we got this lamp at Target for $8? Well we did! We spent $16 though because we got two of them, one for here and one for our living room.

They were on sale because our target was doing a quick remodel in the home decor section and they needed to get rid of it fast! I linked the exact same lamp, but sadly it's not $8 anymore!window view of blush blogger room

The rug and curtains are from Wayfair a few years ago, but the exact rug is still available. Rug size is 5×10.

Desk and chair are from Dick Blick Art Supplies, similar table (with drawers) from Target and similar chair from Bed Bath and Beyond.

Hutch is a vintage find.teal cabinetcard organization in artist blogger's blush pink office

The wooden desk organizer I fastened to the wall was something I got at Home Goods to organize my thank you cards, but never used it until now because every time I went into my art studio to clean I wound up feeling too overwhelmed to get anything done.

If you go back and look at the picture I show as the "before" you might think, that's not so bad, why were you overwhelmed? But that's only because you didn't actually see the REAL "before!" The real before is now a distant memory thanks to my thoughtful Beckett who knew the only way to get me to start cleaning this room was to jumpstart the process himself.

Thank you dear.

desk area blogger blush pink art studio

The storage basket under the desk came from Walmart, of all places! That was another one of Beckett's thoughtful surprises!

While at work a few weeks ago, Beckett organized our pantry using the gold and white ikat print fabric boxes! It's so cute, another post for another time!

corner keith green print, printmaking cabinet drawer, craft supplies organization

As I dug through my old art projects I found a lithograph of Keith Green. You should look him up because his music is amazing! He was basically a child rockstar prodigy (the Justin Bieber of his era, if you will) and he had a life changing moment that made him change gears and create soulful, beautiful music.

He later died in a plane crash, but left us with loads of great songs. My favorite is the Easter Song.

printmaker's drawers printmaker

A few years back Beckett surprised me with this great printmaker's cabinet for my birthday. I thought it was really cool, but didn't quite know how to make it useful.

Beckett, his mom, and sister said I should figure out how to take all of the little partitions out of the drawers so I could put my art supplies in there.

It only took me two years to do it, but I got it (mostly) done!Marker organization

Prismacolor and Spectrum Noir markers.

I love both sets of markers, but Prismacolor seems to last longer and give a richer, more even color saturation. I like the Spectrum Noir markers for their transparent, artsy quality.

color pencil organization

Prismacolor watercolor and regular, KIMBERLY, Colorific, FAO Schwartz, and Royal Brush pastel pencils.

I won't bore you with pictures of what's in the rest of the drawers. They contain mainly kneadable erasers, graphite sticks, conte crayons, small watercolor bottles, and pastels.

my helpers

blogger's room and art stuido with blush pink walls

The rug under my chair is something that belonged to my grandma Deloris. My grandpa gave it to me after she passed because grandma and I shared an obsession with pink and green. I absolutely love this rug and always keep it in my art studio, as long as I'm not painting!art workspace for blogger's home office with blush pink walls

Some of my artwork from my Swedish apartment. L: a drawing of my apartment, R: a drawing of my favorite building in Halmstad.desk space of bloggers diy home office makeover art studio

Lampshade and sheepskin are from Ikea.

Desk is a hand-me-down that I painted a distressed white.

Lamp is a vintage find.


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