The word coffee is kinda like the word mama because it sounds similar in almost every different language! That must mean coffee and mamas are universal necessities, right? 🙂

This $12 shirt is from Target, along with these $3.99 flip flops!!!! The shorts are older from American Eagle, similar pair here.
Wolfie knows about mamas and coffee! He keeps taking our cups when we turn around and sneaking a drink of it! And right before this picture was taken I was holding both him and my coffee when he yanked my straw out of my cup and splatted coffee ALL OVER ME! There was even some coffee in my ear!
It was actually pretty funny.:)

Below is another photo to illustrate my point of how Wolfie grabs our drinks quick whenever we turn around:

Stars, they’re people too. -Beckett’s caption for the photo. haha!

Beckett caught him yesterday with this (empty) pop cup & took a photo because he looked like one of those celebrities walking around. Lol

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