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Our new house is finally starting to feel like a home, but I'm still constantly thinking about ways to make it feel more cozy, more "us."

We didn't have a true "open concept" in our old house so I didn't mind if the kitchen decor didn't coordinate perfectly with the living room, but now that they're the same space I have been focusing my thoughts on how to get the two "rooms" to feel like one.

If I had a huge budget, coordinating the rooms would be easier because I could just replace everything, but my budget is basically zero so I did a little searching for items that will add style, but will be easy(ish) to save up for.

How to create a cozy open concept design that flows:

  • Start by painting your walls a fresh, clean, light color such as a greige or white.
  • Then add a small pop of wallpaper that compliments your wall color. Consider wallpapering a smaller wall to keep costs down and to not overwhelm your design.
    • If you like a lot of drama and contrast– by all means, go bold with a different or bright color– but if subdued elegance is more of your style I'd recommend sticking to white or a light grey/beige color scheme.
  • After your walls are done you're ready to add a new basic backsplash. Subway tile is a huge fad right now and is super inexpensive (but still soooo cool) so you'll want to find a way to create a lasting appeal with a hot trend. A herringbone pattern is a great way to elevate a basic material like those rectangular tiles! My favorite type of herringbone pattern is called the straight herringbone. See below for more details!
  • Switch out your old kitchen faucet (and hardware) for a quick design upgrade. It always looks super chic to match that to other accents and pull the color over to the living room.
    • lamps and mirrors are a great way to add a pop of brass to the living room!
  • Final touches include a new rug, loveseat or chair, ottoman, and throw that coordinates with the color scheme.

Here's a list of what is shown in the image above:

All of these products above combined cost about $2,000 (+ or – depending on amount of backsplash needed). That may sound like a lot of money, but each item was carefully curated by yours truly to give you some budget friendly options with a high-end look.

Now I just need to start saving my pennies so I can afford that gorgeous ottoman and dreamy faucet!!!! It's funny how homeownership changes a girl's wishlist…

What do you think? Which items are your favorites?



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