We just started letting Wolfie eat a few sweet treats and by far his favorite is ice cream. He absolutely loves it and it's so sweet to watch him eat it. So when Arctic Zero asked me if they could send us their 4 new flavors I knew our whole family could enjoy it!!!!

Arctic Zero is technically not ice cream, but it is a frozen dessert treat made with protein powder, fiber, water, natural sweetness, and other good ingredients. As a one year old I still don't want Wolfie eating tons of sweet things, but it feels good to know this company cares about what goes into their treats.

We've tried their frozen desserts before and really really liked them, but these new flavors are soooo good! We found ours at Walmart before, but I know you can order them for a quick delivery from Amazon too! If you order online they come packed cutely in a box with dry ice– just make sure you're home to get the treats before they melt!!!!

I like keeping a low cal treat around because if we have ice cream stocked in our freezer Beckett and I may go to bed with big bowls of ice cream a lot (at least 2x a week). Is that bad? 😛 Beckett and Wolfie especially loved the dilly bar flavor because Cake Batter is so sweet!My favorite was the Cherry Chocolate Chunk because it was uber refreshing, but all of them were good!!!!! Rocky Road Trip was amazing too, mostly because it had a great fluffy consistiency and marshmallows. And Peanut. Butter. Swirl. Need I say more?

He's so funny about sharing everything lately. see? Haha

Below you can see the cake batter dilly bar! They have a red velvet chocolate shell <3

Don't worry, Wolfie didn't have too much of any of the flavors, but he can't wait till we bring them out again!


This post is brought to you by Arctic Zero, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. I actually really wanted to work with Arctic Zero for awhile now because I've had their treats before and they are amazing!

Oh and there's one last picture I had to share:

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