through the seasons

We always cherish our time spent in Door County Wisconsin with Beckett’s family. It’s kind of like heaven for me because of all the art, flowers, Swedish food, antiques, and that gorgeous lake! The annual trip is even more fun this year because Wolfie is at the age where everything is beautiful, exciting, and new. He loves smelling/licking/biting all of the flowers and seeing the trees sway above him.

Case in point:

Beckett and I love taking Wolfie in stores because he’s usually pretty good and it’s fun to show him things and find things he likes.

Wolfie may be a little spoiled right now. We’re working on it, k? 🙂 see all the pretty flowers?!Due to the color and pattern this dress is a great summer to fall dress and I highly recommend it. It runs true to size, if not a little big under the arms so don’t size up. the sweater is great because it’s also a great piece to help bring your wardrobe from summer to fall since it’s great for layering and the color is perfect.

dress: ROMWE | sweater: ROMWE | shoes: Coach for under $50!! | earrings: Maurice’s (similar from SugarFix for under $7)!

Wolfie’s overalls: Target (similar) | shoes: Puma (similar)

Beckett’s shirt: Burberry, similar | shorts: similar | shoes: Similar

hair closeup 🙂




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