For our three year anniversary Beckett really outdid himself by finding me the most gorgeous green leather portfolio and business/credit card holder!

I felt so excited about this gift because not only is it a useful gift, but it is my absolute favorite kelly green color!!!!

Leatherology has lots of other gorgeous designs, colors, purses, and even diaper bags and I think I can speak for Beckett and say we both HIGHLY recommend this brand. He was absolutely glowing out of pride when I opened the gift and I can see why!

I wanted to post about these because 1) my husband is so thoughtful and I need to show him off and 2) this would make a great gift for a graduation, for someone making a career change, or for anyone who appreciates beautiful things.

Wolfie has been sick for the last few days and it’s been hard on me. He has had such a high fever that I ended up taking him to the Dr. today and all is fine now, but his fever was scary high (104.6 degrees). Seeing my child suffering like this is hard, especially when my only remedies are to try to keep him cool and give him medicine. 🙁

Being a mom is draining and hard, but way more fulfilling than I would have ever guessed.

It’s now time for me to finally get some sleep (I barely got any last night because beckett was working today so he needed it more than I did). But now he has tomorrow off and I work all weekend so now it’s my turn to sleep– thank the Lord!

What are you doing for Labor Day weekend?! I’ll be working hard helping to design peoples’ kitchens!



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