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I’m so excited to share my Smile Brilliant experience with you today!!

my smile before and after with smile brilliant

Note: The shape of my two front teeth is also improved in the after pictures because one of my teeth chipped a few months ago so I had it re-bonded (today) right before I took the after pictures. They matched the bonding material to the new color of my teeth and they look great!

This post has been a long time in the making, but I’m just now figuring out what I want to say and how I should say it because this experience was about so much more than whitening my yellow smile. It was about motherhood, my connection with my son, and the guilt moms can feel when they stop breastfeeding. So here goes.

In the past I was always really proud of my teeth because they are naturally straight, I’ve never had a cavity, and I always used to get compliments on how white they were. And apart from an ice skating accident I had when I as 7, I never really had to have anything done to make them look their best.

Then one day I looked in the mirror and was horrified by how yellow my teeth had become! I was wearing an off white/yellowy shirt and I thought they matched my shirt! No kidding. I was so embarrassed!

Around that same time, I was in contact with a teeth whitening company called Smile Brilliant. They do in home whitening services that are typically over half the cost of personalized whitening trays bought from a dentist. And yes, I actually checked. One dentist charges around $600 to get custom fitted teeth whitening trays. These retail for around $150 and work just wonderfully. Smile Brilliant even has options for heavily stained or sensitive teeth.

Anyway, when I first started this collaboration I was so excited to have white teeth again and I was also motivated because Beckett and I were going to whiten together! Like having a workout buddy, but for teeth whitening! Sometimes you just need a partner in crime, amiright?


The following photos are taken from Beckett’s post 🙂

Beckett and I made the molds of our teeth, sent those in, got our trays in the mail, and were all ready to whiten… with the whitening gel in the trays and everything…. and then I saw the small print, “do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding.”

I was breastfeeding.

I called and checked with my dentist, pediatrician, and a pediatric dentist and each gave slightly different advice, but the consensus was that whitening while breastfeeding could be harmful to our child. So Beckett started his whitening routine and I just played cheerleader (with yellow teeth) to get him to whiten nightly for a few weeks.

When I first got pregnant Beckett and I planned to breastfeed Wolfie until he seemed like he didn’t need it anymore so I kept nursing him past one year… he needed it, right?

Finally I was back to work again and I really only fed him at night as he fell asleep (if I was home), but I still wanted to have that connection with my son so I continued feeding him. Meanwhile, our pediatrician told me multiple times he didn’t need me at all for food anymore… and Wolfie’s dentist told me to stop breastfeeding him all together because he has missing enamel on his front teeth and he’s therefore cavity prone. Finally when he was about 15 months old I began to seriously mull the positives and negatives of stopping our nursing routine in my mind.

When I finally told my husband that I wanted to stop breastfeeding neither of us were too happy. Like I said we really wanted to do what was best for our son’s brain development and not consider his or my teeth as a factor.

But…. he really WAS fine without me…. and I could see that even though I didn’t want to quit our nightly routine.

So in order to cement my decision I decided that whitening my teeth would be a good way to keep me from backsliding and continuing to feed my son when he got fussy. So I did and it ended up being great for both Wolfgang and myself! Wolfie became more independent, I got whiter teeth, and I felt tons more confident smiling again!


If you are feeling like you want to whiten those teethers of yours, but don’t have time or money to go get trays made at the dentist, I 100% recommend checking out Smile Brilliant!! You’ll get plenty of whitening gel, desensitizing gel, and sweet customized whitening trays at a great price and you can keep using them as much as you need to!


I was just at the dentist today getting my bonding fixed (my tooth chipped again) and they were really impressed by the shade difference too.

I’m teaming up with Smile Brilliant to give you 10% off your purchase when you use the code theclassyartist at checkout! I’m so excited to hear if any of you have used this product or if you are thinking about it 😀 I know it changed my smile for the better! So what is your story? When will you #SmileFearlessly again?




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