This day pictured was one of those rare Sunday’s off last month so we turned it into a whole family outing and went to Barnes & Noble and our favorite confectionary– Nadia Cakes!
On another note: we are so thankful to be this little boy’s parents– he is tons of fun and so happy!

Coat: Romwe | Skirt: Ann Taylor, similar style from ASOS… really classic! | Boots: Delicious at | Blouse: similar, relaxed fit white button down | bag: Tradsey, similar from TheRealReal that looks pretty good and is about $300
Hello lovely gals!
Today I wanted to share this cozy and interesting Romwe jacket because it’s cooling off around here and you’re going to need this shepra coat soon!
I also wanted to show you these over the knee boots from because they are amazing. I bought them last month and adore them! The color I’m wearing is Cognac, which is unfortunately sold out at this time, but most sizes in Smoky Taupe (another awesome color) are still available!
Everything else in this outfit is pieced together from old things I have and constantly repeat. I think you’ll love the similar items I’ve linked too.
You may have noticed that I haven’t posted a lot lately and you might be wondering why. The answer is really complicated, but the short of it is that work has been really demanding and there’s been a lot of change and uncertainty in my life. So family comes first.
I want to thank you readers and brands I am working with at this time for your patience and understanding. You guys really are lovely.
This post is brought to you in partnership with Romwe. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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