A week ago I went over to Seva beauty to experience their services and they were absolutely fantastic! I have to admit I didn’t know what I was walking into when I first arrived at the location and got confused because it was a Walmart, but I was thrilled by what I found.

When you first walk in it looks a lot like a hair salon and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was inviting, pristine, and cutely decorated.

One of the first things I noticed was that they have their own line of makeup and skincare– they are packaged nicely, smell and feel fresh, and come at really good prices!
I finally wore the lipstick today and loved it! I would compare it to most drugstore lipsticks in its consistency, wear time, and hydration level.

While I was being welcomed in by Shanty (the manager/owner of this Seva Beauty boutique) a random lady was coming out of a facial session in the room pictured above. She looked refreshed, happy, and when asked how it was she gave Seva glowing praises about how relaxing her facial had been.
Honestly, I don’t know her, but I assume she’s in her early fifties and her skin looked sooo good that I didn’t notice any wrinkles even though I was maybe kinda sorta looking :P.
Their flash facials only cost $17 too, which is really amazing! Their deluxe facials start at $45,which is still amazing!
I didn’t try a facial that night because I was set on exploring the world of perfectly sculpted brows, tinted eyelashes, and lash extensions, but believe me– I’m going back for one soon!

Pictured above: Shanty, yours truly, and Tiffany. Shanty’s daughter and husband were there for awhile too and were so friendly and sweet. I love that this is a family friendly and open place.
Thank you, girls for being so nice to me and for posing for this picture!

#Flawless Threading: $9

I’m a sporadic and unreliable plucker so as you can see below… this was much needed! My eyebrows were going on three months of being left to their own devices when I arrived. They didn’t look the worst but they didn’t look fresh by any means! See…

So that was the first thing we took care of.
This was my first threading experience so i didn’t know what to expect, but I had heard it hurts a bit.
It ended up not being too bad, but there was some slight discomfort and pulling. I liked that it was a much faster and more reliable process than plucking and to me the “pain” was at the same level as plucking. So it really wasn’t bad. There was some redness, but it went away quickly . My brows looked soooo amazing after!!! I kinda didn’t realize what I was missing.
Tiffany shaped them really nicely too. It’s the perfect arch! I feel like my face looks much more perky and friendly in the after photo!

Lash Extensions: $17

After I had my lashes tinted I decided it would be fun to try lash extensions. These extensions aren’t mink like some of them, but doing this saved me so much time in my makeup routine every day. Not that I wear false lashes each day, but I would if I had time since they frame the eyes nicely.
I liked wearing these because I didn’t feel like I NEEDED makeup to dash out the door to work in the AM. However, I wish I had Tiffany use the shorter lashes so they filled in my lashes instead of extending them. I have long lashes already so I had to have the extra long kind in order to go longer and it ended up being a little too long and false for my taste. Tiffany had alluded to the idea that they might be a little long, but sometimes I just like to try fun things so I went long anyway 🙂

Overall experience:

If you’re in the area I truly recommend Seva Beauty, Blaine!!!! Especially for the brow shaping/threading because that’s something I think a lot of us overlook, but it makes such a big difference in how others subconsciously read our faces. If your brows are droopy and wild you might be looking more unkept than you realize, but when you get your brows shaped it is almost like a facelift. It suddenly brightens your whole face and makes you look well-groomed.

Seva Beauty’s address:

4369 Ball Road NE
Blaine, MN
(Inside Walmart)
In all fairness and openness, Seva asked me to go and experience their treatments on them so I could write about it on here, but that doesn’t mean I have to say nice things, but I definitely loved going there and recommend their beauty treatments. I felt so welcomed and loved everything they did.
Shanty & Tiffany, I’ll be seeing you soon!

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