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this picture is basically the definition of RBF.  lol Sorry people, I really like you! 

Brief Life Update

Hello friends! It has been so long since I last posted that I considered closing the blogging chapter of my life, but I really enjoy creating posts for you so I decided to continue. I wish I could detail all of the life events that have kept me from blogging lately, but I don’t want to get into things on here… yet.

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too artsy not to share

I’ve shared a little about my job issues on my Instagram stories, but a few other life events have been holding me back too. The short of it is that my work as a kitchen designer was taking over my life and God put an opportunity into my lap to leave that job and take another. So now I have more time for my little family and can be there more when my son and husband need me.

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silly face, but i had to share because wolfie is so eager to get involved in the photography progress.

Wolfie wants to be (is) the photographer’s (errr…..daddy’s) assistant so the thing in the bottom left of the photo above is his greasy little finger on my camera lens. Haha!

He took this picture too:

Wolfie's first picture of dada


[As a side note, Wolfgang is totally nuts lately because he’s constantly trying to fix things, put things together, and “help” with everything! My favorites are when he tries to throw things away (even if they aren’t supposed to be thrown away) or when he randomly starts the dishwasher and then runs away giggling because he knows he’s not supposed to do that. ]

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Shein sent me this studded jacket (literally under $25) and I am so happy with it!! I like to keep a few edgy pieces in my fall closet rotation. This is the perfect weight of jacket for most days too. Except yesterday, which was downright cold. And snowy.

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How to Find Your Personal Style

I have a question for you to think about. It’s something I had to really consider as I thought about starting my blog a few years back. Your personal style may not be something you regularly think about, but by creating your own “fashion statement” by writing down your personal style goals you can save time and money in the long run.

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. What is your sense of style? What type of clothing do you feel most comfortable in? What types of clothing do you feel most “you” in? Dresses, t-shirts, jeans, skirts?

2. Is your fashion sense classic? Trendy? Bohemian/artsy? Scandinavian?

3. Create a mood board IRL or on Pinterest of all the outfits that inspire you. Don’t think too hard about why you like or dislike something. Just make a note of what you love. You could do this by picking your most favorite things out of your closet too.

4. Then look at those images or items and see if you can find a pattern. Do you like brown sweaters? Colorful blouses? Dainty details?

5. Take a few minutes to boil down your fashion sense into a statement about what you love to wear.

6. Then next time you’re shopping try to find pieces with the features you noticed when you looked at your inspiration images/items. If you shop for things you love and will wear you won’t end up with as many useless items in your wardrobe. It will save you $$ and keep you lookin’ fancy every day. Xx

spinning in stud jacket black and violet cashmere sweater copy

My example fashion statement:

My fashion sense has changed over the years, but I think I can boil it all down to being basically classic, but with twists, depending on my mood and what I’m doing.

If you look in my closet I have more white button down shirts than any other thing in there and I wear them all the time under my sweaters. But then I always like to add something a little special like chandelier earrings, a bow around my neck, or an interesting brooch. I like things to be classic, but to still show off my creative side a little.

This outfit looks a little edgy, but at it’s basic core it’s still my same old uniform: a cashmere sweater, scarf, and blue jeans. The studded jacket and over the knee riding boots add good measure and good fun.

Studded jacket with cashmere sweater and american eagle jeans copy

Jacket: Shein @AliExpress| Sweater: J. Crew, supppper similar violet cashmere sweater here | Jeans: American Eagle, (actually jeggings). I always wear these. They are the best fitting jeans ever. | Belt: Michael Kors, a different black belt I want to order| Boots: Vince Camuto, similar boots for under $200 with quilted leather and gold details or this cute pair for $60 

Before I go I wanted to also tell you about my jeggings because I get questions about them a lot while i’m out and about. So I wanted to share a little bit about why I love them…. 1) they are under forty dollars, 2) one pair will last me about 3 years of wearing them a few times per week, 3) they sit higher on my hips so I don’t have to constantly pull them up and 4) the stretch is super forgiving so even as my weight fluctuates each month they still fit like a dream.

What is your favorite brand of jeans? And do you like the jacket? Comment below!



Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience. The studded jacket was something I chose to have sent to me, but I was reimbursed for my purchase because of my relationship with the company. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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