Holiday Bedroom Decor

Last weekend we started craving Christmas decorations. That was when we saw this buffalo check duvet cover at Pottery Barn and decided to splurge. We also liked their Christmas tree and car flannel sheets, but the Maple Grove Pottery Barn didn’t have the sheets we liked in the right size. We decided we didn’t mind looking more online to see if we could find other flannel sheet sets for less… and that’s how I found these:
I ended up getting the sheets (above, left) from, similar floral style sheets here too

the faux boxwood wreath and greige velvet headboard are my other Overstock finds. The sheets are still the same price, but sadly the price of the headboard went back up already. I bet there’s a Black Friday sale hitting soon though so if you’re in the market for a headboard it may pay to wait a few weeks to get one, but then you run the risk of the one you want selling out.
Elsa Girl wanted to be included too 🙂 I think she wanted to model to show off her newly slimmed down physique! I’m kidding of course but she did lose about 4 lbs over the last few months, which in cat lbs is a lot! haha!

Last thing I wanted to show is my long, grey cardigan sweater from Shein. I am planning to show you a few ways to wear this sweater so I guess this is a sneak peek at that upcoming post!
Have a wonderful day!
The home goods in this post are not sponsored. The sweater was something I picked out to showcase this week through my partnership with Shein.

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