a wish list that equals less than $100!

wishlist for romwe under $30~ copy

I’ve worked a little with Romwe in the past, but if you’re new to the brand here’s what to expect when shopping their clothing: fast fashion with a focus on trendy and diverse styles that are affordable and wearable.

Normally I would chose only Christmas things as a theme for this list of items, but today my theme is based on how much wear I think you could get out of these things and by price. Everything listed is on a super sale, which means you can get more bang for your buck!

Here are some inspiration ideas of outfits to wear with the items shown above… I have them all pinned on Pinterest here if you want to see where the photos came from.


I just touched the tip of the iceberg when picking out these things for us so if you have time go browse at Romwe.com, they have tons more stuff… when looking for things to show in this post I only got to page 5 and found about 20 items I would love, but had to narrow it down!!

Romwe Clothing and Prices Shown Above:

1- Green Coat ($30.99)
2- Pleat Sleeve Blouse ($9.99)
3- Pleated Plaid Peplum Blouse ($13.99)
4- Striped Wrap Tie Shirt ($9.99)
5- Wide Stripe Sweater ($11.99). This is one size fits all, which scared me at first, but I have a similar sweater from them and it works out well. It will fit more oversized if you’re a smaller size.
6- Lace Trim Fishnet Socks ($3.99)
7- Bow Neck Blouse ($12.99)

Let me know if you order anything from them and what it was! I think I’ll be putting in an order for that striped sweater sometime soon!



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