This dress came just in time for Christmas Eve this year and it is my dream dress in so many ways. I felt like a 1940s actress in it and I can’t lie… I loved it!
Well made, flouncy, and beautiful, this velvet dress can be worn like this for Christmas or could be paired with brighter accessories like a yellow or blue satin pump to make it feel more spring-y in the months to come. The dress is just $22 from Shein and comes in burgundy and royal blue too. I’m thinking about getting the blue… I would definitely snag this now to wear at a winter wedding, a cold spring Sunday, or next Christmas.

‘Twas the season to bring out my plaid Christmas shoes; the plaid heels I wear every Christmas! But this year I pinned a brooch to one shoe to add a little interest. I wish I had two matching brooches, but I also kinda liked the asymmetry it added to the look.
I can’t find my exact shoes, but I did manage to find a pair from Sole Society that are just under $40 right now. Click the previous link to see them. Then I started thinking about how little wear I get out of my Christmas shoes because they are so tall. So I found these flats at Talbots in a nice red tartan pattern! They come in at just under $60, but look totally worth it!

The brooch looks like a key and was a thoughtful gift from my mother in law and sister in law a few years back. I usually have this pinned to a jacket along with a few others, but I thought it would be so fun to pin it to my shoe for awhile!

You will never guess where I got these earrings!
Should I tell you? Ok, I’ll tell… Walmart!
And you’ll never guess the price!!!!! For real they were $2! Not joking! How great is that!
Also, to anyone else who is allergic to nickel, these earrings are for “sensitive skin,” not nickel free. But you will be happy to know that I wore these earrings for nearly 20 hours and didn’t have an allergic reaction! That almost never happens, even when I buy “nickel free” earrings!
Sadly, I couldn’t find this exact tassel pair online, but I found the other pair I got (I don’t have a picture yet) that I will link here. I highly recommend checking out some of the other options like these fancy black and gold tassel earrings if you like inexpensive jewelry!

After our initial quick pictures (above) my phone died. We still wanted to get a few other shots of this dress though so we switched to my hubby’s phone and took the following, more artistic photos:

What do you think of Beckett’s artsy handiwork?! I think it looks dreamy.
This post is brought to you in partnership with Shein, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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