Beckett always thinks of the nicest birthday ideas for me so this year I wanted to finally do something special for his birthday. One year for my birthday we stayed in my favorite Stillwater (MN) hotel, the Lowell Inn. That was the most special birthday I’ve ever had. So for his big day I thought it would be fun to go somewhere, just the two of us.

I had a few staycation locations in mind, but ended up settling on Hotel Ivy in Minneapolis because it is close to where we live and it has a spa…. Lord knows the both of us needed a trip to the spa!
The picture above shows us right before our massages. Those robes were cuddly!
After the massage and a short time in the spa pool we headed down to the hotel restaurant for some food.

Monello is the beautifully designed hotel restaurant.

The food there was really good and the atmosphere was seriously gorgeous! My only complaint was that we felt the waitress was mildly rude. Here’s why: I ordered a latte she brought me a decaf latte and told me I ordered it. I was really tired that day and ordered the latte FOR THE CAFFEINE and both Beckett and I knew I hadn’t said the “d” word (decaf) since I was pregnant. Let’s be honest.
When I told her I didn’t order decaf and that I would like regular she just stood there for like 30 seconds and then told me I said, “decaf.”
I tell you, I needed that caffeine, so I was about to have her go make me a new one when Beckett stepped in and told me I could have his regular latte and he would drink the decaf one.
I absolutely hate to make a scene over a food order, but I was mainly annoyed because she kept telling me that I said something we knew I didn’t say… and then to make it worse she didn’t want to bring me what I actually wanted/what I ordered.
Wow, on second thought you may not want to go to Monello if you like caffeine!
We didn’t let the latte incident ruin our dinner or evening though! the next day we were refreshed and ready to get on with a few errands before going to pick Wolfie up from his grandma’s house. Below is a view from our hotel room. But first we needed breakfast with lots of coffee! And not the decaf kind.
We decided to get our fix at Mickey’s Diner in St Paul. They kept the coffee comin’ and the food was greasy.
It ended up being a fun adventure for us and in the end it’s not about the coffee you drink it’s about who you drink it with.


  1. January 5, 2018 / 8:05 pm

    sounds like a fun time away. Too bad about the waitress, she was probably having a bad day..

    • January 6, 2018 / 1:24 pm

      Thank you for that perspective. You are probably right. I tried to remind myself of that while we were there. I was glad we didn’t send the drink back because I thought maybe she was getting a lot of orders wrong and was yelled at?!!? You never know.

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