There are a lot of Insta-famous gibberish words that somehow have meaning such as tbt, af, wiw, lotd, ootd, on point, and on fleek. Typically not a fan, I’ve recently gone against every ounce of pride in my body and started using– even loving– the word ‘extra.’ Like the others listed above it has a secret instagram meaning. I’m still a little fuzzy on all of the ins and outs of the word, but I love using it.
If you’re still fuzzy on the definition of the word or how to use it I’ll give you a hint: this coat is a little extra. All that basically means (at least in my vocabulary) is that something is fancier/more than average.
Over Christmas I mistakenly taught the word “extra” to Beckett and now any time I say something he thinks is silly he calls me “extra” in a mean way. Lol
So now hubby ruined the word forever, but I still have to call this jacket ‘extra’ because today is almost #TBT and I’m feeling “on fleek” & fancy “af” in the faux fur fringe.
[Insert dramatic hair flip here].
Glasses: Quayaviators | Jacket: Shein Faux Fur Trimmed size medium| earrings: Old from Bauble Bar, similar by Kendra Scott here | Bow: Nordstrom, similar– they may have some left in the actual store, but not online | jefgings: AE Outfitters | booties: similar by Madden Girl with laces | bag: Kate Spade, similar style in a backpack form! Under $200 at Nordstrom rn!
Did you see yesterday’s post? And if yes, do you want my hubby to take over the blog more often? If so would you rather hear about a guy’s perspective or more about his personal investing ideas?


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