It’s after Christmas and you’re feeling spring, but it’s not yet time to break out the pastels and whites so what do you do? Well, I put together this outfit to show you how to wear white in a cold month like January.
I have to admit this outfit was one of my most complimented lately and I I felt like quite the fashionista in it.

How to wear winter white in 2018:

1. White pants

My favorite way to wear an all-white outfit is by starting with my favorite brand of jeans: American Eagle! Their white stretch denim is amazing (as are all of their denim jeggings). For the jeggings I usually go a size down, but I like to stay true to size for the jeans.

2. Wear it with a leopard/cheetah printed bootie

These calf-hair ankle booties are the perfect way to assert your personal style in a timeless way. They don’t really go in or out of style!
For example, a coworker of mine came to work in an animal print coat yesterday and I would have 100% thought it was brand new and designer, but she said she got it 7 years ago. The crazy thing was that it looked almost exactly like a coat I saw by Cupcakes and Cashmere at Nordstrom!

3. A cozy plaid scarf, coordinating gloves & a fun beret

The scarf doesn’t have to be worn all day, but it sure is festive and adds a pop of color to keep you from blending into the snow when you venture outside.
You may have noticed from the link above that I didn’t link my exact pair of gloves are sold out, but Target still has the gorgeous dark brown color in stock and they are also real sheepskin!
My hat was from Nordstrom Rack and is sold out, but I am linking a comp by Ralph Lauren that even has a metal logo sewn on like mine does. I really adore my beret because it makes me feel like an artist. 🙂

4. An off-white sweater

I adore the sweater I’m wearing in this picture because it looks like it would be a nice expensive sweater, but it’s from Target. It has lantern sleeves (a very classic, but also trending look). It’s a little off white so it doesn’t blend into my pants. Above I linked a similar sweater by Romwe since Target no longer has the exact sweater.
Well, those are my 4 main tips on wearing white in the wintertime. What did you think!?!What’s your favorite way to wear white before Labor Day?

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