calze a rete

pizza blogger and baby downtown in smalltown usa minnesota

The title of this post is “fishnet tights” in Italian because I couldn’t think of a good title and there is clearly a sign for pizza in the first picture. waking in downtown small town minnesota

I think a better title could be “figlio adorabile” because that means “cute son,” but idk if I want people searching “cute son” to find this post because they might be creepers. But I guess the same goes for someone searching for the title. Hmmm I may need to rethink this before posting. We shall see. winter date downtown with my family blogger minneapolis

This outfit is sporty, but it still has some sex appeal so it’s perfect for a day off or a casual date night. I’m thinking it would be great for a bowling date! But just be sure to wear socks over the boots if you do that, don’t trust the rented bowling shoes. K?wolfie walking in the snow with mommy

Sweatshirt: Romwe | Skirt: Old Navy, similar from Superdry | Stockings: ok, so they’re not fishnets, they’re better! from nordstrom, btw | Boots: mine are a little different, but I found almost the exact pair at again for $15! Mine were $10 and I wear them all the time| Mittens: I found the same design in pink here, mine are from a Swedish store | Hat: Asos, last year. Same color here! | Similar to Wolfie’s Jacket: Old Navy


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