Don’t you just love a good Chanel-inspired tweed jacket like this? It’s classic and powerful, without being too masculine. I wanted an old school vibe so i kept my accessories simple, but stylistically iconic.speaking of style icons, this neck bow is from my grandmother’s collection of bandanas, bows, and ties. I love wearing it with button downs to add a character to an outfit. this photo was taken at a little place called the Blue Egg Bakery where they make doughnuts as big as my head. In case you’re interested, I found a history of the House of Chanel from Harper’s Bazaar and will link it below; but first, this lovely image plucked from the article. This is a model in a lovely version of the tweedy classic. The Harper’s Bazaar article is here. Another jacket more like the one I scored for $28 is below. This image shows Chanel fitting an actress for a jacket in the 1960s.Fun fact: I started collecting vintage Harper’s Bazaar issues from garage sales and antique stores while in high school, but donated most of them when moving out for college. Now I wish I still had them!! Whoops!
What have you gotten rid of that you wish you had kept?

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