Valentine’s Outfit Inspiration

Valentines day ideas

  1. Suede Pocket Jumper
  2. Blush Sperry Booties
  3. Floral Day Dress 
  4. Embellished Ted Baker Pumps
  5. Royal LBD
  6. Ruby Red Brooch Pumps
  7. Lace Hem LBD
  8. Mad Glitter Steve Madden Pumps
  9. Frilly Mod Floral Blouse
  10. H&M Rouge Pencil Skirt
  11. Navy Lacey Pumps
  12. Revolve Lovely Lace Brassiere 

I adore Valentines as much as the next girl, but this year I’ve been feeling a little more casual than normal. So this year I’m thinkin’ the Casual & Girly vibe might be the route I take, but my style ideal would be Regal & Ladylike or Edgy & Sexy. What do you think? What’s your style ideal for V-Day?

Also, what are your V-Day plans? I feel like I always expect my husband to make the plans for that special day, but maybe I should this year…? What do you guys think about the girl planning the date? Or should the guy work for it? And then there’s the whole question of should I buy him flowers? Beckett actually likes flowers so I think I will get him some too this year even if he does plan our date. 🙂




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