add this to your capsule wardrobe now…

add this to your capsule wardrobe now…


isn’t baby cute mid-sentence? He’s the sweetest!

White blouse: Romwe in a size mediumIMG_9992cutie wolfieIMG_9989IMG_9983


Wolfie was eating a cookie and couldn’t be bothered to look up 🙂

Guys, I have to show you this blouse from Romwe! I wore it last week and I just think every girl needs a pretty white blouse! Plus, you know I love a good deal so it is fitting that this top is only $15! There are also other discounts happening on their site like 90% off some items and money back if you spend $49+.

My bag is vintage, similar here from Versatile Collective. It has a sku and the seller says it’s in very good condition. $577 – also read details and decide on your own if you think it’s a good, authentic buy.
My coat is from Via Spiga. Beckett got it for me a few Christmases ago and I still plan to wear it well into the future. The same brand has a slight variation on the coat again this year and I think it looks adorable. It’s also a little less puffy looking than mine, which may be appealing if you don’t like looking like a giant furball.

In other news, has anyone else been fighting off icky sicknesses this past week? These pictures have been a long time coming because I’ve barely gotten myself out of bed and to work this past week and this week. The only reason I’m able to do this post right now is because I randomly woke up at 3:30AM from a bad dream and then I was too sad/scared to fall asleep again right away.

Does anyone else have nightmares regularly? I do. And sometimes they’re so real feeling when I wake up that I can’t sleep again or I am angry at people in my life who were in the nightmare. It’s really weird. For instance, the whole week before Beckett and I got married, I dreamt that my mom purposefully stole the spotlight at my wedding. Needless to say I didn’t feel happy about how I was being treated in my nightmare, but I tried to hide my feelings from my mom because I knew the thoughts were irrational. Funny how that works.

Then last week Beckett and I both had really similar nightmares. I typed it all out in details for you to read, but then deleted it because I felt like I was sharing more than I wanted to with strangers.

Why did we both have similar nightmares? Sometimes I see that my dreams are linked to a show we’re watching or a book I’m reading, but that wasn’t the case this time. So I feel like we ate something weird and that’s why we both had similar scary dreams, but maybe it’s actually God’s way of telling us something.

Do you think dreams mean something?



This post is brought to you by Romwe, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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