aye aye captain

aye aye captain

About the outfit:

Are you a stripe person or polka dot person? Beckett always thinks my favorite pattern has to be polka dots because I do love them, but every time this comes up (more often than you would guess) I always have to remind him of how many striped shirts I have! Stripes have always been my favorite pattern to wear, paint, and decorate with. In fact, my living room throw pillow arrangement includes some bold striped pillows!
Stripes seem to always garner my attention because of their classic roots and their presence as a style staple since the history of weaving. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but really, when were stripes out of style? Literally never.
This shirt is from Romwe and it is a whopping $10… so yuh know, it’s almost criminal to NOT get it! But for real, I was surprised by how good the quality is and how great it fits. The length of the sleeves was a little short on me, but almost every shirt I own is like that because I am a little over 5’9.”
The scarf is something I bought in Beijing years ago. I really love the colors. I also love it’s size because I can tie it like a bow. And yuh know I love bows!
Shoes are coach, but they are sold out. I found a cute pair with fringes at a GREAT price by Minnetonka Moccasins, a MN company so I wanted to link them!
My Michael Kors crossbody is from the outlet mall near me. This is 100% my favorite color so Beckett basically *made* me get it. 😉 my color isn’t online, but if you have to have this color, call your local MK outlet to see if they still have it in stock.
Sunglasses are from Nordstrom and are just $14.
My jeans are from Target because they were $12 and I needed to size up because I’m getting a little thick around the midsection lately. And so goes life. Similar are linked here.

On a more serious note…

Wolfie is finally better! Can’t you tell?!
My sis-in-law, Peyton, sent these to me today while she and Beckett’s mom watched him for us.

Wolfie’s Scary Dr Story:

I wrote a bit about Wolfie’s sickness on my Instagram earlier this week, but it was horrible so I want to share it here to encourage all y’all to advocate for your kids’ health no matter how crazy a Dr thinks you are.
I know I can be a worrier, but I actually think Little W could have died if we hadn’t taken him into the Urgency Room when we did. He was so dehydrated and sick that they gave him an IV, an IV with antibiotics, and left the IV sight in for a few hours while they made sure he didn’t need to be hospitalized.
The experience was way worse than it had to be because of a doctor who didn’t take my concerns into account when I took him in the first time.
4 kids at his daycare had strep last week so when Wolfie got a high fever, runny nose, started coughing and vomiting, I didn’t want to waste time getting him to the Dr. But Wolfie also had diarrhea so the Dr repeatedly told me she saw, “no reason to test for strep” as she eyed me like I was nuts for asking for a strep test. However, she did say to bring him back in 2-3 days if he still had a fever. That meant that either Saturday or Sunday we were going to have to bring him to the ER… Friday and Saturday of that weekend were also the days of my grandma’s funeral so I reluctantly left my super sick little boy and let Beckett care for Wolfie those 2 days. Beckett’s a great dad so at least I knew my baby was in good hands, but the mama in me still worried the whole time.
I got back Saturday night and stayed with Wolfie all night. In the morning Wolfie was soooooo much worse that I woke beckett up early and told him we were going to the doctor. And that’s how we ended up at the Urgency Room (a great place to go if you live in the Twin Cities. It’s not quite an ER, but it’s better than a walk-in)!
We are so thankful to God and the Dr at Urgency Room who saw the gravity of the situation, took our requests seriously, and gavr Wolfie tons of tests to figure out what was wrong. gave Wolfie a strep test, flu test, did blood work, and gave us a kit to get a stool sample at home (because, ironically, Wolfie didn’t have diarrhea once the whole 6 hours at the Urgency Room).
And that’s how we found out about the strep and the rotavirus at the same time, which explains all those symptoms. It also explains why Wolfie was so terribly sick! It all feels like a nightmare now.
The truth of parenting is that you are your child’s only advocate. You can’t expect anyone else to care for your kid like you do. Stick up for what you know is right, whether you’re talking to your child’s Dr, teacher, or daycare provider. Heck, even family members sometimes need to be reminded who knows best sometimes! Don’t be afraid to take action if you disagree with someone when it involves your child. Being called a protective Mama Bear is much better than what could happen if you don’t act in critical moments.

What’s Next?

Wolfie gradually started to recover this week and about the time he felt better, I got sick!
I 100% thought I had morning sickness or food poisoning at first so I finished getting ready for work and hopped in the car as usual. But as Beckett and I were driving to school on Wednesday I couldn’t stop my gag reflexes; I felt weak and cold… so I drove back home and went to bed.
Turns out I have rotavirus too, but the worst part is that no matter how sick I feel, my little boy was twice as miserable. I actually cried today thinking about how bad he must have felt.
** Here’s to hoping for good health for you and your fam!**
This post is brought to you by Romwe, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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