Hello! We can’t believe Wolfie is going to be 2 this week! I know every parent says this, but it feels like it was just yesterday that he came into our lives and now I’m realizing that we’ve been blessed to be parents to this spunky, smart, opinionated, little sweetheart for 2 years already!
And yes, I said opinionated. We can’t understand most of his opinions at this point, but he tells them to us anyway as he scrunches up his nose and gestures like we should understand!
Now, let me tell you about this 2 year old’s birthday party!
First, we stayed up almost all night (actually till 2 am) to clean the house, make the cakes, and prep the food. This is me (embarrassingly enough in Beckett’s boxers because this baby bump is the real deal).
Then I woke up at 4am to start making the BBQ chicken in the crockpot because I wanted it to cook a full 8 hours and the party was at noon. Wolfie woke up not too much later and was all ready to play! the cake turned out so cutely! It was supposed to look a little like two duckies floating in a bubble-filled bathtub, but then it just turned into this: The decorations are made of fondant, but the frosting inside is a buttercream and flour recipe that is worth the work! My college BFF, Lauren, blogged about it here: www.pipingdreams.wordpress.comAlso, aren’t these two cousins the sweetest?Next, there was lots of swinging, t-ball, presents, and LOTS of kisses! I’m really sad I didn’t get a photo of everyone who came, but I did make a video that I’ll post on Instagram soon!But in all of those pictures, I left out a very fun present Wolfie got to open! We got to find out if Wolfie will be a big brother to a sister or a brother!But…………..you’ll need to check back tomorrow to see what happened next! Goodnight! Xo,Kellie Most of the photos in this post were taken from Merky and Peyton Witzke. Thanks gals!!!! <3 And I also need to give a shoutout to both my mom, mother-in-law, and sister Anna for helping make some of the food!


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