Hello, loves! It’s been a long time since I last posted. Back in our last post we had just learned that we are having a baby girl and we were about 20 weeks along. Now we are 22 weeks and a few days and so much has happened since then. Keep reading to hear a few random things I’ve learned through the stress.

  1. Pregnant ladies aren’t supposed to eat grapes. They contain something called resveratrol that can be toxic. Add that to a long list of my other favorite foods I can’t eat while pregnant like cold meat sandwiches with sprouts, tea, caffeinated coffee, eggs Benedict, etc., etc.
  2. We have our daughter’s name all ready to go… and it’s not Wallace. All through college and beyond I wanted to name a daughter Wallace so I could call her Wallie or Ace. As it turns out, both the mommy and the daddy should really agree on a name and in this situation, daddy no like-y. Then 2 years ago while while we were pregnant with Wolfgang Beckett and I had semi-agreed on the name Beatrix (Bea, pronounced “B”) for a girl, but we weren’t 100% so we ended up being relieved to have a boy because we both agreed on his name. For this pregnancy we only loved one girl name and didn’t have a boy’s name so we lucked out again!
  3. All of the sicknesses affecting our family have taught me more about common viruses and bacterial infections than I ever knew before. For example:
  • vomiting can be a symptom of strep found commonly in kids.
  • Rotavirus is a legit terrible thing and it includes both vomiting and uncontrollable diarrhea.
  • Pink eye can be viral or bacterial, but viral pinkeye can turn into bacterial pink eye. Viral pink eye can be spread through the air or by contamination. It’s a nightmare!

4. If you buy a furniture protection plan from HOM furniture and don’t use it you get that $$$ back as a store credit once the protection expires!
5. Even in all the sicknesses and stress, we know God has his hand on us and he will see us through. I stress about our family’s health, spending, investments, friendships, home design decisions. I stress about the government debt, the upcoming elections, prospects of wars, school shootings, and the future of our country as it relates to my children. But it’s crazy for me to worry about those things because I cannot actually do much about those worries. Yes, there are things I can to to create a positive effect in this world, but I cannot effectively fix any of it… only God can truly make things right… and I have seen a few little glimpses of how God has helped us lately through the kindness of friends and strangers and the love and care that my husband shows me even when I don’t deserve it.
As for what we’ve been up to lately… we’ve mainly been sick and tired of being sick and tired, as my grandpa Leo would say. I think it’s because Wolfgang keeps bringing nasty sicknesses home from daycare and we catch it too. I keep thinking my coworkers are going to stop believing we’re sick because when I see people gone from work that much I usually just assume they are out having fun. Lol
The last round of sickness started 2 weeks ago with Wolfie having an ear infection and viral pink eye that lasted over a week. Beckett stayed home with him all week and then also got sick. Then as the week came to an end, the guys started feeling better as I started getting a pink eye and a temp. Then beckett felt sick again and it was all just nasty. Finally we all went in and it turned out that Beckett had a sinus infection and Wolfie had strep and another ear infection (after the last one had healed), and I had strep and viral pink eye.
Then we all finally felt better on Saturday, only for Wolfgang to get the croup that night (insert crying emoji here).
I’m also worried about Wolfie because he has a bump growing on his collar bone and we were told by our doctor that it’s probably no big deal so it can wait until his next tummy ultrasound to be assessed. I just don’t know if I want to wait though because i know doctors aren’t always right when they think something is “nothing.”
Anyway, since croup is more of a nighttime thing we decided to make the most of our long weekend by

  • Getting plants to replace our dead boxwood bushes so our HOA won’t send us threats,
  • Going for walks in the early mornings to beat the 100 degree temps,
  • Using our HOM furniture store credit to buy our little girl’s rug for her room, a storage bench for our entry way, and an outdoor table for our back patio.

Then today we decided it would be a great idea to quick run to Walmart and buy one of those above ground pools so we could let W swim. He begs to go outside all day if we don’t take him out to swing, color with chalk, or for a walk. But it’s WAY too hot for any of that right now.
Have you ever set up a pool?! First of all, we *thought* it may take a half hour or so to set up and that we’d be done with it by the time W was done with his nap…. NOPE! We also didn’t realize how freaking wide an 18 foot diameter is until we laid it out.
Let’s just say we didn’t do any swimming today except for in our own sweat and then in the rain as a thunderstorm set in and nearly blew us and the half-set-up pool away! #fail
I’ll try to post some pictures once we get it set up and I’ll let you know if we like the pool we got.
As you can see, this little boy loves to swing even when it’s WAay too hot to enjoy it.
top: similar | shorts: Target maternity | sandals: Havainanas | belt: Hermès, $30 dupe here | sunnies: BP at Nordstrom ($14), Karen Walker dupe
Hope you are all having a great, healthy week and that you can see God working in your life too!
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    Love the unique names and name ideas!

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