Cute Summer Maternity Clothes and Swimsuits Under $40

Cute Summer Maternity Clothes and Swimsuits Under $40

28 weeks side view maternity shot
Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which I put in both to help you shop and in order to help generate a small income for my family. The more you click, the more I earn, but there’s no catch. It’s just helpful to both of us!
This post is not “sponsored” by Asos or Boohoo, but I mainly drew from their fashionable, inexpensive maternity options because I really like these brands for fast fashion. 
I shopped the Boohoo sale yesterday and got some things for 40% off, but now I see the whole site is 50% off for another few hours so shop away! Not sure if they have other sales planned soon, but 50% is GREAT in my opinion!!!!!
PS.I bought everything in a US size 8, but be sure to check measurement guides before you order. ALSO, I really love the ASOS shorts selection compared to Boohoo, but I really like the pricing on the tops/dresses/overalls available at Boohoo in case you want to do some looking of your own! Asos dresses are amazing too though so….

The Predicament:

If you are pregnant or know someone who is right now, this post will be really helpful because I’ve sifted through thousands of items over the past few days to show you the trendiest, least expensive, and most flattering, best-for-summer pieces around! I’ve even ordered a few of them myself, which I’m super excited about! The reason I chose these items and these brands (mainly Boohoo and Asos) is because of the low price point and the timelines of these silhouettes.
The picture above isn’t showing any of my maternity finds yet. When I was pregnant with Wolfgang,  I wasn’t very big until the winter so I mainly have sweater dresses, sweaters, and maternity jeans. Being 7+ months pregnant in the summertime is kinda miserable in a sweater dress. Just sayin.

Cute Maternity Tops, Shorts, and Swimsuits:

 tops:f693c98a539c4221ca230d4f6addd28c_best.jpg *4d53850e0444451f471ed990f01f62b8_best.jpg  *Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 3.49.47 PM.png  51f4424ecae33857ce3538ef87f1e8c0_best.jpg 193d00018ce81f21d524495777901562_best.jpg  02b2d906074863f7694f200d39812dab_best.jpg

sorry! this just sold out
 ef8957d50ef3581c1ee84dd9152ddbc5_best.jpg 522eb9ad117ec496919c41226ab90311_best.jpg 1f4c24aa07f3f515d7ac2082eb5c6921_best.jpg 807dfccefda476a26d21eca4098ef724_best.jpg 70303f01d5f90126c4dd8bf175f08576_best.jpg shorts: 2bb09a6367c1d7da6e573c2d912085e0_best.jpg c3556aa741de1eb31ddb55b08631b7c9_best.jpg
 b11b31627be614fae11ed35ae3b99bf8_best.jpg swim:
 *f546fa1e27d3904789c118cf14961363_best.jpg 3d0a65febf8be9b43c28e517231453a1_best.jpg 1154deed2312f2bc9d354af9ca73fbc8_best.jpg  a16e6f8e5f0db45e19c04ad5695aca37_best.jpg  dresses:ebe26abcc901db03a27d1a9efce8f2d9_best.jpg
 1d67b3462c1b3bf04d8c466589bff1c5_best.jpg  952930e4fa39527cbf74a8cd5716d078_best.jpg fcb507a020ec10783536df57ecc9770e_best.jpg b23404b93e57deb73de06c6714a0508c_best.jpg 258b27001ec4092c70efbc79968fe75b_best.jpg e66d68eea35a1cda504893346bd6f3ff_best.jpg b5ca1b01e100d909254f38982b76a4cf_best.jpg

Try on coming soon!

I ordered a few of the above items (marked with an * above) + a few other items so I’ll try them on & show you next week!