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Hello friends! It’s only Tuesday, but but feels like the weekend should be here soon already. These pictures were from my birthday on Saturday. I kept things casual during the day because my birthday request was that we clean our house 😛
Sunday started with a horrible migraine and bad back pain, which just got worse during church so I had to sit the entire time and I always feel awkward about that. Thank God for Beckett being such a good, fun dad who was 100% willing to step in and play with Wolfgang all day.
Again, the migraine was there Monday morning so I spent the morning in bed, but needed to send out a couple of paintings so I got up at noon to shower & get ready so I could run some errands and go to the post office.
After getting out of the shower, I slipped and fell right on my behind.
I ended up calling my Dr. to see what she thought I should do and she wanted me to come in and see her. After seeing the doctor and having her record some “agitation” in my uterus, she sent us to the hospital where I kept having pretty severe pain in my lower abdomen/uterus. They kept me overnight to check on the baby. I really wanted to go home, but was glad that they were cautious and wanted to check the baby.
They let us go home this morning around 7:30 and just want me to call if I have that severe horrible pain again (it felt like a really bad contraction or menstrual cramp, but extra painful).
I guess the Dr. was worried that the placenta was separating from the wall of the uterus. After an ultrasound and all-night heart rate monitoring of the baby, they think everything is ok. Baby and I now are supposed to keep resting for awhile.
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Like I said, we cleaned on my birthday, but we also made it to Nordstrom to check out the infamous Nsale and that was when I snagged these Tory Burch sandals (above) as a birthday gift from my honey to me! In all of the #nsale madness, the sandals were not on sale. So why did I do that?

Top 3 reasons I didn’t shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale:

  1. We don’t need another credit card right now. We like the points we earn with our current card and I had a few different cards before, but I just didn’t use them often enough to want to keep monitoring them.
  2. There are so many cute fall items on sale right now, but being due in the fall, I don’t want to buy anything until I know what size I’ll be come October.
  3. I’ve always REALLY wanted a pair of these sandals so instead of buying other shoes just cause they were on sale, I asked Beckett for these because would have still wanted these As a side note, if you’re pregnant and/or have vein problems on your feet, these sandals are great for you too because the logo covers the veins! haha

At the bottom of this post, I’ll link some clothing pieces I would have gotten if I weren’t pregnant… YOU CAN SHOP THE SALE WITHOUT THE CARD STARTING ON FRIDAY, JULY 20!
flowers on the way out the door.jpg
Mr. photographer always likes to show me poses he wants me to do so I finally grabbed the camera and took his picture. lol.
I need to do a blog post of his funny pictures some day!beckett smelling the flowerws
Here’s my rendition.silly smelling the flowers

tory burch sandals and roses with rose colored filter See! The logo covers up the vericose veins on my feet.

My favorite items in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale:

d3bf1872cd4f919f21e61709bab0f0f5_best.jpgMadewell$64 10250219ed69836103afe411dfcc346a_best.jpgThread & Supply $51 2fdbb62382512df23317c9b7ffec2a6b_best.jpgTretorn $104 _103238888.jpg J. Crew $131 1a3267edcb4e918b0422ac1d24697a34_best.jpgTopshop $49.50 _103422600.jpgTopshop $44 0c24f2cd4fa2829b9d51d7b580b8f5a7_best.jpgWovenHeart Jacket $69
b4083da170b889e1fba554b652b7989c_best.jpgMarc Fisher Wedges $99 6ffc32d7aefabaf858ab9658290570d1_best.jpgTory Burch Benton Flat $164 571469f77074e7500a0970afaf59b65e_best.jpgVince Camuto $159 c743a914decbea3643e7762367ea114c_best.jpgLouise Et Cie Cela $84 228eaa949bc1e6a09f791baa36d31bca_best.jpgCole Haan $120 (not at Nordstrom, but still a huge sale!!!! 900fed057fa45bec230ff9de335152e2_best.jpgRebecca Minkoff $149 c5fefbb9bea93ebf6c31c05b31fbe124_best.jpgCathy’s concepts Monogram bag $42
81d13bdb38830867d9a6f170fc6bfdab_best.jpgQuay Australia Sunnies $35 f3ade92aeceb7771e6b7a2104434746c_best.jpgRebecca Minkoff $31 11023b72c74a60a3bb1601d426d94f8a_best.jpgBP baker boy hat $18 02d4b21a52199ccb6c6bf2523918554f_best.jpgMelinda Maria $60 3fc38d6e02fcb0b2764244ac7585850a_best.jpgMadewell Jeans $84 a2d8043160cf99c88c0f4dde032da01c_best.jpgMadewell Jeans $69 6cb8c95242b93139fe9061c7760b3f45_best.jpgArticles of Society $40

So those are the best deals that I don’t think will last that I found when looking in store… I hope you find something that speaks to you or that you need!

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