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Hello friends,
I keep saying this, but I have always loved babies. I don’t know if it’s innate in me or because of being the built in babysitter since I was the oldest daughter out of 7 kids, but I love babies.
Awhile back my sis-in-law broke the joyful news to us that they are expecting! We are so overjoyed for them as we watch them become parents because theirs has been a long journey! It’s not my story to tell, but I will say that seeing bits and pieces of their IVF process opened my eyes a lot to issues of infertility and the grief inevitably associated with it.
I don’t want to pretend that I understand what couples facing infertility face, but I do see it better now than before and the knowledge makes me want to help every mama who is struggling to get pregnant or celebrating a pregnancy to find an extra spark in the journey. So I have a soft spot for these embryo paintings.
That’s why the focus of my work took a turn toward the unborn and newborns and I cannot believe that I’ve been blessed to paint so many beautiful babies/embryos since doing the first one for my sis- & bro-in-law!
Below are a few ultrasounds, embryos, and other nursery art I’ve had the honor of painting since doing my first painting for my sis-in-law! Thanks, sis, for the shoutout that got all of this started!
Oh, and yes, I threw a few other paintings I’ve been working through in the mix too in case you’re wondering…

If you would like your own painting, email me at and I’ll show you my pricing and options! Otherwise, I do have some work on my ever-evolving Etsy page, linked here.
I have recently started using a range of metallic materials that will bring the price down if you’re looking to save some money, but you’ll also have the incredible option of having 24k gold leaf or pure silver leaf too!
Let me know if you’re interested!

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