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up close: this painting was done with my watercolor pan and Fine Tec pearlescent watercolors. it is still a work in progress. 

While I’m pregnant, all I do is paint with watercolors or draw because they are a little less harsh than other types of paint I like to use like acrylics, and especially oils. Since they are what I have been using, I wanted to show you some of my favorite watercolor art supplies!
1- A brush set that includes a wide range of tips– especially a small chisel tip, a wider tip, a very small round tip, a medium round tip, and a larger flat brush. I have a synthetic set very similar to this one, but I am still always a fan of the real fur brushes.
2- A wide range of nice, artist’s watercolors in a brand like Mijello Mission that uses rich pigments. For sure have a set of the primary colors, black, white, and a few other colors that you don’t think will be easy to mix from the primaries. The brand I am currently using is Rembrandt and I am very happy with them.
3- A easy to carry watercolor pan like this set from Creatacolor with bright colors so you can bring it with if you decide to paint outside or while out of town.
4- I love this Arches Hot Pressed, Grain Satine 300 g/m2 paper because it is very smooth and is a high quality. It can sustain multiple brushstrokes without showing breakdown, which is always something I look for in a paper.  Blick has them on sale for 50% off right now too so I kinda want to stock up; watercolor paper always surprises me by how expensive it is! If you’re buying it online keep in mind that cold pressed paper will be more bumpy that hot pressed.
5- Fine Tec pearlescent watercolors. I talked about these in a recent art tutorial, but now that I’ve been using them on a somewhat regular basis, I can strongly say I highly recommend them! They give your work an extra special finishing touch without overwhelming the feeling of the piece. I have the exact set pictured above so if you are looking to purchase them from Blick, it’s the pearlescent set of 12.
What are your favorite art supplies, watercolor or otherwise?!

an even closer view of how the pearlescent watercolors show up when layered over the regular kind.

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