Hey y’all! Just popping in on my 33 week mark to say hi and to share photos from today’s excursions!
When I was contacted by someone at The Feed Feed to do this collaboration with FeedFeed and Driscoll’s Berry, I was over the moon excited because I think the thing I’ve craved most this pregnancy is fruit, but particularly berries! I told them I was willing to follow the food truck around all summer for free berries, but they said I didn’t have to do that. Darn! lol
Anyway, tonight when my little family and I went to the Eagan Food Truck Festival to [finally] experience some of their tasty creations and we were not disappointed!! If you follow me on Instagram, watch my story on there if you haven’t already; those berries were huge and delicious! And fun fact: they are giving away delightful, free berry treats as a way to say thank you to the Minneapolis area for being the city in the USA that eats the most berries! The truck isn’t done yet so check out Driscoll’s site to see if you can hunt it down too!!!!

Wolfie LOVED the photo wall with the fruit props!

He also LOVED his smoothie (and Beckett’s dish of fruit too)!

Look how cute the little smoothie was!

look how handsome they are!

It was 90 degrees so the splash pad was an absolute must!
Also, Beckett gave this little boy a sno cone…. and now his face and that shirt may be permanently stained. 😉

This post is brought to you in partnership with Driscoll’s and TheFeedFeed, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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