Splurge vs. Steal Pink Blazer!

Splurge vs. Steal Pink Blazer!

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Hello again, Loves! Today I get to share this gorgeous pink blazer with you! I’ve been looking forward to being able to post this for about a week now because I’m so excited to wear this blazer more when it’s not so tight and I’m not a super prego lady! haha


Blazers of all kinds have been my bread and butter of my work attire for ages! I remember getting a navy blazer toward the end of college and I think I wore it 50 times the summer I graduated. I wore it to every job interview and all the time when I worked as an administrative graduate assistant. I wore that thing out, actually, and then bought another that was more of a fleece-y sweatshirt material. I liked that it was more casual and sporty. So when I saw some pink blazers this spring, I was beyond excited, but they were all expensive or weirdly cut!

How & When to Wear It

This Shein blazer is just $25 and it has a cute cut that will work from spring to summer to fall, and even through winter when paired with a lightweight sweater underneath! The color in the pictures I took seems lighter than what it is in real life so I apologize for that. In real life it looks more like it does in the picture linked above.

Comparable, but Expensive

To show you what I mean about the other similar blazers that are very expensive, I will link a version from J. Crew and one from Revolve so you can see how they compare! The color of my blazer from Shein is almost a mix between the versions at J. Crew & Revolve.
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The blazer is size medium, I wish I had gotten a large so I could wear it more comfortably now, but it will fit perfectly a few months postpartum. When ordering, keep in mind I’m usually a size large right now so it runs a bit big, but I think it’s supposed to be worn a bit oversized.
This post is brought to you in partnership with Shein; all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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