Meet Wellesley Bea <3

We welcomed miss Wellesley Bea to the world on September 21! After a long difficult labor the delivery went surprisingly quick and easy (after a last-ditch attempt at an epidural in between contractions).
On the 20th we sent Wolfie off to his grandma’s and went to the hospital while contractions were 5 minutes apart and so painful that I couldn’t talk through them. Don’t worry, I had been having contractions like this for days already so I was sure that this was the real deal– finally because nothing I did made them any better. After getting checked I was told I was “just dilated to a 3” so I was sent home to wait and come back when contractions got closer together. All day I was in pain– tons of pain — and the contractions kept coming every 5 minutes. No more, no less. I couldn’t believe I wasn’t in labor. Finally, we decided we should maybe go pick up Wolfgang since I was sure the hospital staff still wouldn’t admit me since my contractions were not closer together.
Then suddenly they started coming every 2 minutes and it was go time.
Beckett and I grabbed our bags (again), and made a mad dash for the car. I was in so much pain that I was screaming, yelling, moaning, and rocking. Bless Beckett for speeding the whole way to the hospital. I may have screamed at him for going to slow and then again for going too fast. Hormones. Amiright?
Beckett is a quick thinker so he called to have someone get me a wheelchair so he could drop me off & park. I made it up to the room and Beckett soon followed.
Beckett tells me I wasn’t in any mood for chitchat because between contractions I may have told the admitting nurse girl that she better not ask me if I’m still using an inhaler because it was for bronchitis a year ago and I’m not (they always ask me & it drives me nuts). Sorry nurse girl, I was in a lot of pain. It’s harder to be nice when you’re in pain.
Anyway, they then told me, you’re gonna have this baby right now, you’re a 10!
So I was like, what?! No epidural?!
The Dr came in, suited up, and sat down. Then he looked at me, then back at the nurse (disgusted) and said, she’s a 6. Hold her off until we can get the antibiotic IV in (I had group B strep).
You mean I can get an epidural?! Yassss!
It’s not easy getting an epidural while having super bad contractions, but I’m so thankful I got one! It meant that I could fight the urge to push and we got a little over half of the antibiotic IV in before Wellesley was born, hopefully putting her at less of a risk for infection.
After that epidural it was easy going, thank God!
We immediately fell in love with her sweet lips, fuzzy brown hair, and her constant need to hold her hands near her face. MNMGH092218dWellesley07MNMGH092218dWellesley09MNMGH092218dWellesley11MNMGH092218dWellesley13MNMGH092218dWellesley15MNMGH092218dWellesley19MNMGH092218dWellesley21MNMGH092218dWellesley23
She’s just a tiny girl, weighing in at 6 lbs. 9 oz, just about 1 lb. less than Wolfgang weighed when he was born. She is about 20″ tall. MNMGH092218dWellesley25MNMGH092218dWellesley27
We are so thankful for her health and that she’s an easy baby compared with Brother Bear (who always needed to be held or else he would scream). She had very little jaundice and she’s a GREAT eater! In fact, our only problems with eating so far were latching issues & that my milk didn’t come in fast enough for her so she was a little upset and we had to subsidize with formula for a day at the hospital.MNMGH092218dWellesley29
The first time Wolfgang and Wellesley met, they weren’t quite sure what to think of each other, but we did get brother to give sister a kiss for the picture. This would be a good one to make them reenact when they are older. haha
I’m hoping to get an outfit post up tomorrow– we shall see if brother & sister bear cooperate during nap time to make that happen! 🙂
Oh, also a shoutout to my hubby & those who helped get him a job at an incredible charter school! We are really excited for this one!

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