for all my gingham girls

Ladies, this adorable gingham dress is $11. Need I say more?
Oh but I will say more because I have to explain a few other reasons why I love it. Like how the high-low hem is great for when you are busy running errands, chasing your kids around, or working at a job (like teaching) because it means that when you bend over, you’re still fully covered!
I also am thankful for the button-down aspect of this dress because it makes breastfeeding a breeze (ever tried nursing in a dress that isn’t button-down? Yeah, it doesn’t work). Did I mention this would be one of those good before, during, and after pregnancy dresses too? Well it’s true! I recommend wearing it with a belt or a sweater that pulls it in before and after pregnancy though because it’s so roomy.
Being only $11, you wouldn’t expect to experience the type of quality I think this dress is, but it seems to be great quality. I washed it before I wore it and it still looks great. Also, I am impressed with the button quality because they haven’t randomly come undone on me like I’ve experienced with some button-down shirts I have. So I didn’t feel like I had to wear an undershirt and shorts under it, which is kinda nice!
My belt is from a Ralph Lauren factory store we went to in the Wisconsin Dells this summer. We bought it for like $25 (I can’t remember the exact price but it was under $30). I wish beyond wish they had a website so I could direct you to because everything I find online that’s a near approximation to this belt is like $200 & up.
Don’t you absolutely love cognac leather? It’s such a warm, light, beautiful color and it’s even better when pared with gold accents like you see in the RL monogram! Cognac is definitely my favorite color of leather so because I couldn’t find my exact one, I’m linking some similarly colored options with interesting details and that aren’t more than a month’s rent in your first apartment!
Brooks Brothers $29
Express double ring belt $39
Express Western Belt $39

If you’re looking to find ways to spice up your otherwise neutral outfits, add a single pop of color! I found my purse on sale at Target a few years back and I love it because it has proven to be an inexpensive way to bring a special dose of newness and excitement to an otherwise pretty vanilla outfit.
I don’t have an exact dupe of this bag, but I did one better yet by finding you a red crossbody that’s only $9.99!
As for the boots: a very similar pair can be found here from JC Penny’s for $39!!!! I found mine at for about half that last year. I will link to a page with all of Walmart’s over the knee boot options for this season, but they have so many options, I’ll let you see for yourself! 🙂

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  1. I am in the midst of shopping for some Christmas presents. I am considering buying Rosy Denim Cropped Set from Peaches and Screams 😀 Would you recommend them?

    1. I wish I knew, but I don’t so sorry!

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