The perfect Christmas gift for jewelry lovers: Carolyn Hearn Designs

The perfect Christmas gift for jewelry lovers: Carolyn Hearn Designs

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What I’m loving:

Hello friends,

Today I want to share Carolyn Hearn jewelry with you because I think her work is absolutely unique and gorgeous! I actually reached out to her to see if I could partner with her because I stumbled across her work online and felt like they were truly works of art! Why? Because her Lotus earrings and essential oil jewelry are so genius! Click for the link to my exact bracelet stack!

My bracelets actually came in the Connection Club box, which would make a great Christmas gift for that bracelet lover in your life! It’s a monthly bracelet subscription box created by Carolyn. You can choose to do a monthly, 3-month, or 1-year subscription. For Christmas, my extended family draws names and gives $100 gifts so if you do the same, you could do a month or 3-month subscription and still add in other things like luxurious YSL lipstick or your favorite oils (thanks to my sis-in-law Peyton, I got hooked on Ginger while I was pregnant because it was one of the few things that helped my morning sickness!!!)!

Another thing I love Carolyn Hearn Designs is that it is a small business and I think it’s so, so important to support small businesses, especially this time of year. I watched my dad work so hard while I grew up to build his small business into something more, working 12+ hours a day to make sure my family had what we needed. So go show this incredible designer jewelry brand some love and support because her creativity is 100 and I can only imagine the blood, sweat, and tears that has gone into what she does!! <3

When you do, use code KW20 to get 20% off!!!!

Beautiful objects or places often inspire my paintings. And her work certainly inspired me to paint something a little more abstract than usual!

Keep reading to see the finished product!!!

Life Lately:

You know your kid is sick when he tells you when it’s time for his nap! Yep, Wolfgang and Wellesley are both still sick with RSV, but we saw our pediatrician today and she thought both were on the mend!!! PTL!

I feel like I’m officially sick now so I think next week’s blog content will be a lot of gift roundups and things that don’t require me to go outside in the snow and take pictures. We shall see how I feel tomorrow though!

Beckett and I are loving the shows: Last Man Standing, Superstore, and A Million Things. What are you watching lately?

On a completely separate note, I wanted to share a few of my favorite current chenille sweater deals because I’m wearing my sweater today and it feels like I’m in pjs, but looks sooo luxe! Here’s a post from last year in my gorgeous gold chenille I’m wearing today! Shop the photos below!

Below is a picture of when I was painting during nap time the other day. Someone doesn’t believe in naps, and believe me, it isn’t me! She cooperated well for the pictures though! 

Here’s the (mostly) finished painting I created based on my bracelet stack from my Connection Club!!!

The painting still needs to be mounted to make it smooth, but I’m actually loving it now that I balanced it out!

All the love!



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