my latest addition to the skincare routine!

my latest addition to the skincare routine!

Hey gals,

I recently signed up for another Influenster box and got to try this Biossance Squalane + Omega Repair Cream¬†and I don’t need to write a review on here about it if I don’t want to, but I love it so I wanted to share!

It’s really important to me to not use ingredients right now that will be harmful to baby Wellesley so I love that this particular lotion is safe for her! I also love that all of Biossance’s products are non toxic and are free of all the icky stuff.

Usually an oily skin girl, my skin got really dry while breastfeeding Wolfie and now it’s SUPER dry as in breastfeeding Wellesley in this cold weather! But since I started using this lotion, it has felt…. supple, and plump. I feel like those words are odd to use, but seriously, it feels great and like… young! Idk how else to describe it!

That being said, I’ve been using it day and night for a few weeks now and recommend it to everyone!

Click above or the images below to shop it!

Here are all of my skincare products I love:

And here’s my current makeup:

Below is my latest painting of a custom bridal bouquet! Bouquets don’t save well so a great way to preserve that memory is by having it painted! You can select your size and color of metallic accent, as well as the purity of the gold metal!¬†Order yours today for you or for a new bride in your life!



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