Toddler and Baby Gift Guide (inspired by our kids!)

This post is to help give you ideas for Christmas gifts for those little tots on your list, whether you’re a grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, aunt or uncle. The picture above is a collage of some things Wolfie has loved or things I’ve heard are great, but there’s more below at different budget levels– so check them out too!!!

Another idea to gift to your babes is some art from my shop that they could grow into! You could even commission a custom floral for your daughter or woodland animals (or whatever your theme is) for you boy!!!!

Play Kitchen Sets Under $140

One of Wolfgang’s favorite things to play with at daycare & church has always been a play kitchen so I let him help me look through some budget-friendly options and these were the ones he thought looked cool!

Educational Toys for Toddlers

Wolfie has a few of these and loves them! I am still planning a post about ways to help our toddlers learn to ID the alphabet in fun ways and I think some of these tools will make it into that post! PS, I saw the Melissa & Doug puzzle at someone’s house lately and the letters lift up to reveal an object that starts with the letter.. for example, A lifts to reveal an apple! How cleaver!

Just for Fun Toddler Toys

Let’s be honest, sometimes too many educational toys can take the joy out of learning… so I think it’s important to let kids be kids and play with those cool toys out there!
I just love these picks… most of them are things Wolfie has/has had and loves! And the rest are things he helped me pick out! I also threw in a dollhouse because isn’t that every little girl’s dream?!

Baby Girl Gift Ideas

Basically babies only need basics, right? Seasonal clothes that fit, socks that stay on, a carseat that works, diapers, wipes… but you’ll also need a carseat cover if you or someone you know has a baby and this Etsy shop is who made ours & I get compliments on it’s smart design ALL THE TIME!

I included a few nursery “toppers” (aka nursery accents), gorgeous mobiles, adorable stuffed animals, and baby socks recommended to me b/c they are designed to actually stay on those little feet!!!!

Stroller Ideas for Expanding Families

As we have tried to manage going from one child to two, we have realized how important it is to have a place to put both kids while we’re out and about! I’m just kinda in the planning stage, but these are the strollers we found so far that look like good & relatively inexpensive options. I’ll do some test drives soon & tell you what I think of them in real life! FYI it’s super duper important to test drive a stroller before buying. Try it with weight in the bottom and weight in the seats too. Our first stroller seemed great until our son got a little bigger and now it has steering problems that are not only embarrassing, but sometimes dangerous!

So those are my gift ideas for your kids, grandkids, or other relations to you! 

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