Hello, it’s giveaway time!!!!!!  I’m teaming up with Carolyn Hearn Designsagain (last post here) to give one lucky person a Connection Club box!!! All you have to do, is fill out this form to enter!

Giveaway starts today and runs until Dec 1st at midnight. winner will be announced 3 days later!

As always, if you see something you love on her site, you are also able to get 20% off with code KW20 at checkout!!!! The Connection Club box is just for wrist parties, so if you’re also interested in her amazing earrings or necklaces, you’ll definitely need that code!!!! She honestly has the most genius earrings and necklace designs that can be used with essential oils!

There’s also an abstract painting involved (pictured below)!

Abstract painting inspired by Carolyn Hearn’s “Open Stack” design, 16×16″ — comes mounted to stiff non acidic board.

Again, enter by going to this link:

and be sure to include your email!


xo, kellie

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