just add lace

just add lace

Right before Christmas I posted about a to-die-for white polkadot top that was just $17 and a berry colored blouse that again was super inexpensive, at $15! They are still available and I love that the berry blouse comes in 3 different colors!

Now about this outfit:

This top is $14, basically $11 with my latest sale code you can use for 15% off of your entire purchase at Shein! The code is: Q1ClassyArtist15
and it’s good till March 31st, 2019!

What I love most about this sweater is the cozy fabric and fit, but I didn’t know that when I ordered it… I ordered it for the lace 😉 haha

The other thing I love about this sweater is that it comes in 17 colors (my faves other than brown/orange: mauve, green, and gray)!!! Did you read that?! SEVENTEEN colors!!!!!

New Year’s Talk:

This past year was a little crazy for our family. I feel like all of you can likely relate, but I’m not ready to delve into the gritty details publicly. We had a lot of ups and downs in so many ways, but overall we are super thankful for God’s grace and provision.

Our highlights for 2018 are that we grew a lot as a couple; we gave birth to our healthy baby girl, Wellesley, in September; Wolfgang was given clean bill of health after we got a little nervous over a growth on his collar bone. I have loved being home with the kids again… and am proud of the artwork I made as my side hustle as a result of being home. I’m especially psyched to be able to now sell my artwork from this website!!!!

We look forward to 2019 as being a year full of exciting career opportunities, artistic expression, learning, and growth in all areas. It’s no secret to those around us that Beckett and I are creative types who strongly desire to use our gifts in new ways in the future. Please pray along with us for our success as we continue toward our professional and personal goals this year.

If you have thought of purchasing some sort of artwork either from my shop or somewhere else, I encourage you to email me at theclassyartist@gmail.com and I would love to work with you on whatever you need and within your budget! I do realistic, abstract, portraits, pet portraits, landscapes, nursery art, and anything else you would like!


Kellie Witzke

[This post is brought to you in partnership with Shein] Again, use code Q1ClassyArtist15 for 15% off your entire purchase!!!!

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