the little things

Fun, fulfilling weeks are the best, aren’t they? As this week comes to a close, I was thinking back at all of the fun we’ve had and I feel so blessed in so many ways.

I got to paint another embryo for a family going through IVF, I’ll show you later. We also had a lot of fun family time that was renewing for the soul. From our snuggly movie nights watching Incredibles more times than I want to admit, to when 2 of my brothers came over for pizza with their girlfriends. But one of my favorite moments was when we had an impromptu photoshoot with the kids today. No tripod so we didn’t get a whole family photo, but these pictures are ones that we will cherish forever.

I’ll share more later too, but it’s late and we are going to bed.

Literally how they look at me every day.




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