wear something you really love this spring

wear something you really love this spring

My goal for you after reading this post is that you would be able to wear something you really love this spring!

kissy face wear what you love this spring 2019

What I really love this spring!

Are you a fan of sequins?! Great! This sequin and snakeskin tee is my fav and only $11 + use SH4131 until march 31st for 15% off!!!! Use the link above or look it up with code 635419 from Shein’s main site, here.

Let’s be honest though, you may not love snakeskin and sequins as much as I do and that’s 100% ok! As someone who now feels comfortable in my own style, I’ve embraced the fact that my style is often classic, but sometimes a little wild. What do you like?

Diversity of style and low cost is just one of the many reasons I love to shop at Shein online. When I go to their site, I always know I can find some classy or fun pieces– not just for my closet, but to wear everyday while I do life! Because of that, the low prices make me feel more comfortable painting and doing projects in my clothes, but the great styles help me feel myself and put together while dealing with the messy side of life– art and motherhood!

artist fashion wear what you love

Spring is close!!!

Honestly, the idea that it’s almost spring (13 days away!!!) is crazy to me right now. Apparently it was the snowiest February on record and it looks like a winter wonderland out our windows. But all that snow doesn’t stop me from dreaming of warmer weather, few layers, and bright pops of color!!!

What about you, what do you really love?

What types of spring clothes do you enjoy wearing? I personally love to wear loose button downs, jean shorts, espadrilles, and coordinating sunnies! I feel like this year everyone will be wearing kerchiefs in their ponytails, wouldn’t that be lovely? Better stock up on your silk scarves now!

sequins wear what you really love this spring
wear what you really love

You do you and wear something you really love this spring! It doesn’t have to be a big expensive overhaul either, just find a few tops that make you feel amazing!



Special thanks to Shein for partnering with me on this post so I can show you some of my favorite things for spring!!!

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