Hoppy Spring: which bunny is your favorite?

Hoppy Spring: which bunny is your favorite?

The other week someone requested a custom portrait of a whimsical bunny with a floral crown. I am very excited for this particular piece because it was a fun challenge! It’s still not finished, but below are a few iterations of the same bunny, which is your favorite?

Vote in the comments ORR visit the listing (here) be one of the lucky 3 people who can get a spot to have your own bunny painted before Easter! Otherwise, we have a limited number of prints available in various sizes!

If you order, I would love to feature how you style this Whimsical White Bunny in your home! I could see this painting looking real cute sitting on an entryway table similar to this set up I found on Pinterest!

I already have another painting request for a bunny with lots of navy blue accents to match her front entry decor, what color would you like as an accent in yours?


Kellie Witzke

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