How I Do My Eyeliner

  Hey gals! I always get asked how I do my eyeliner or what liner I use so I'm showing you in this video how I do it every. single. day! Enjoy! Xo, Kellie


Bubble Braid Updo Tutorial

Hair Tutorial: Guys, since I've been having the most difficult time downloading my painting tutorial today, I'm sharing my hair tutorial instead! The painting tutorial is still coming tomorrow, but it's not quite ready 🙂 This hairstyle has been great in all of this MN rain, wind, and humidity because it's a little messy by... Continue Reading →

Beauty YouTube Video: How to cut hair extensions at home anndddd my mom-friendly everyday makeup routine

Heyyy, here's a video showing how I cut my hair extensions and the drugstore makeup I typically wear. enjoy! Xo, Kellie

…my 5 weekend essentials…

Yesterday... ...we had to get out of the house for various reasons so we went to Barnes & Noble, where I got The Magnolia Journal, and then we headed to a newly opened store called 5 Below to check out their deals. They have tons of stuff, all for under $5. I'm not always a... Continue Reading →

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